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The following are STRICTLY PROHIBITED on our site:

- Unregistered person
- Underage person
- Body waste
- The use or imitation of use of drugs and weapons
- Hate speech, racist behavior or terrorism
- Text messages
or/and animations in the camera feed
- Unauthorized exchange of contacts
- Advertising of other websites or services
- All forms of incest-like actions
- Any other perversion
- Not tactful behavior




1st Article: KissKiss Show Content & Rules
The terms of this Agreement (hereinafter 'Agreement') govern the relationship between you (hereinafter the Guest and / or Member) and KissKiss Show, which relate to use of KissKiss Show site services. In this Agreement KissKiss Show (hereinafter Website) means Live Communications LTD, address: Sofia 1421, Lozenets, Kotel 6 Str. Parter, Bulgaria ( hereinafter as a Web site operator).


Compliance with 18 U.S.C. § 2257
In accordance with the Federal Law on the marking and accounting (also known as 18 U.S.C. 2257), all models presented at our site, were age 18 or older at the time of the shooting. Proof of age of all models
is at record keeper, which is listed below, organized by producer Sofia 1421, Lozenets, Kotel 6 Str. Parter, Bulgaria. All contents and images are fully compliant with the requirements of 18 U.S.C. 2257 and related regulations.

Member / User / Subscriber - A visitor who registers on the site.
Guest - A visitor who comes to the Website without registering on the site which provide services for adults
Adult Service Provider (ASP) / Performer - offers services for adults, adult person over 18 or, in some regions of 21, which makes the show and communicate with site visitors.
Credit Balance - at Website users are able to obtain loans to pay the premium services offered by the acquisition of various service packages. Payments are securely processed by our payment processors and credit you purchased appears on the user's account as a balance.
Free Chat - a relaxed way to view the service model.
Private - in private our visitors freely communicate, talk, correspond (voice communication through a microphone) with those who provide services (the ASP), and can see each other on the Web cam.

By entering and / or registering on the website, you give your consent to and accept the following:
• 1.1. KissKiss Show is an interactive Web site (containing nude or nude erotic and sexual material). Therefore, access of underage to it is strictly prohibited. Visit of KissKiss Show is also not recommended for persons sensitized to adult entertainment materials, so for any occasional visits to KissKiss Show they are at their own responsibility.
• 1.2. Entertainment for adults on the Web site, are provided by women and men over 18 years all over the world, which are usually called a Model.
• 1.3. ASP talks and carried out with the help of webcams live shows for our visitors from around the world. Subscribers choose them according to the live broadcasts, images, short teasing offline video (teaser) and on-demand video.

1.4. KissKiss Show offers services in the following categories:

1.4.1. Girl: One female model online, you can ask to undress, show erotic show in private, in accordance with her predefined readiness.
• 1.4.2. Lesbians: Two female models online, you can ask to undress, show erotic show in private, in accordance with their predefined readiness.
• 1.4.3. Mature woman: One model over 30 years online, you can ask to undress, show erotic show in private, in accordance with her predefined readiness.
• 1.4.4. Couple: Couples or groups of 3-4 models online, you can ask to undress, show erotic show in private, in accordance with their predefined readiness.
• 1.4.5. Fetish: A female model online, which has a fetish accessories and extreme attributes, you can ask to undress, show erotic show in private, in accordance with her predefined readiness.
• 1.4.6. Boy: male model online, you can ask to undress, show erotic show in private, in accordance with his predefined readiness.
• 1.4.7. Gays: One or more male models, you can ask to undress or to show erotic show in private, in accordance with their predefined readiness.

1.4.8. Ladyboys: One or more models-ladyboys, you can ask to undress or to show erotic show in private, in accordance with their predefined readiness.
• 1.4.9. In the category of Hot Flirt nudity or sexually provocative behavior is forbidden in a free chat. However, in a private chat Models decide which show they are willing to provide.
• 1.4.10. Without exposure: Models in this category should not provide any services that are sexually suggestive, image or video material. They communicate on topics limited by category.
In accordance with the general rules in a free chat should be no nudity or sexual content in any communication.
• 1.5. For maximum comfort and impeccable content KissKiss Show uses the best technologies in the industry. Visitor of KissKiss Show - is a King!


2nd Article: KissKiss Show - Services and warranties
• 2.1. KissKiss Show is divided into specific areas, which provide free and paid services , entertainments and shows for adults. KissKiss Show is continually expanding new services to meet the needs of our visitors.
• 2.2. Before selecting the service, it is important to become familiar with the content, price list and means of payment (credit and debit cards, online checks, etc.) established for such types of services specially selected for your country. This information is available on our website.
• 2.3. KissKiss Show is not responsible for the accuracy of the content published on the site.
• 2.4. KissKiss Show does not provide, to the extent permitted by law, no warranties or representations as to the information, services or products that are available on the website. The visitors and / or subscriber use the services at their personal risk.
• 2.5. KissKiss Show is committed to providing each of our visitors the best content and services available. However, it can not give warranty of merchantability, fit for any purpose or inconclusive
content usage, in terms of their correctness, accuracy, timeliness, and reliability or otherwise.
• 2.6. Neither KissKiss Show nor any other party involved in creating or supplied services or content is not responsible for any direct, incidental, indirect or punitive damages arisen from access, use or interpretation of services, products or information provided at the KissKiss Show, without harm to the terms of use provided for in this Agreement.
• 2.7. At the request of the Visitor (by email or live chat), KissKiss Show service support team will help you remotely to tune your computer to visit our site.


3rd Article: KissKiss Show - Principles
• 3.1. KissKiss Show does not support immoral interests, therefore we have strict rules.
• 3.2.
As a member of the Association of Sites Propaganda Child Protection (ASACP) and member of the Association for Adults Only (RTA), as well as Internet Content Ratings Association (ICRA), KissKiss Show is committed to the protection of underage.
• 3.3. All materials at Kiss Kiss Show are available for just under 18 years (in some regions 21). Thus, the material of sexually explicit content is out of reach of underage.
• 3.4. Persons under 18 years of age (21 in some regions) are also not allowed to be Adult Service Provider (ASP). Consequently, all Adult Service Providers (ASP) were 18 years or older (21 in some regions) during shooting, both models proof of age is held by the keeper of records.
• 3.5. All Adult Service Providers (ASP) must fulfill three basic requirements:
• 3.5.1. Sign the statement/agreement, namely, on the authenticity of the personal data and a prescribed age;
• 3.5.2. Provide a scanned copy of his / her identity;
• 3.5.3. Providing photo taken Model, holding his / her ID next to his / her face.
• 3.6. Models accounts will be instantly and permanently suspended if they violate the principles of KissKiss Show.
• 3.7. KissKiss Show has zero tolerance policy related to child pornography (written or visual). In the case of the slightest suspicion, the relevant authorities will necessarily be informed of this situation and considered account will be
immediately and permanently closed.

3.8. KissKiss Show reserves the right to apply immediate and permanent suspension in case the user's name is offensive, refers to underage or is suspected of forgery.
4th Article: KissKiss Show - Subscribers • 4.1. In order to make membership in the KissKiss Show, it is necessary that you were at least 18 years old or 21 in some regions, in accordance with local regulations applicable to the subscriber.
• 4.2. By registering with the KissKiss Show and accepting this Agreement, User agrees to indemnify, pay the costs and does not harm the KissKiss Show, to protect its employees, owners, shareholders, managers, agents and employees from any and all claims, losses, liabilities or expenses (including reasonable attorney's fees) brought against third parties, arising out of or related to their conduct, statements or actions, as well as violations of any of the terms contained herein and the wrongful conduct in the framework of this agreement.

• 4.3. In the case of wrongful conduct of the subscriber or violation of the current Agreement, KissKiss Show may close without warning subscriber account and / or anything associated with it. KissKiss Show is not responsible and does not cover the possible losses due to the closure of your account in this case.
• 4.4. This Agreement shall enter into force on the date when the Guest comes to the KissKiss Show and / or subscriber is registered in the KissKiss Show and accepts this agreement and shall remain in force as long as not properly terminated by either party in full compliance with the terms and conditions expressly set forth in this Agreement.

5th Article: KissKiss Show - Fees, Credit compensations, Return Policy and Unlawful Behavior
• 5.1. Visitors can purchase a credit option to spend them in the desired areas of entertainment for adults, so the choice of services must be preceded by an introduction to visitors, according to the content, service tariffs and the means of payment posted on this site.
• 5.2. Text chat with the dressed Adult Service Model is paid. If the visitor wants to get access to the full service (including undressed service model for Adults and private show), he / she should press the "Private Show" and from that moment it will be in the video chat room with the selected service model for adult, entering the private mode where the purchased credits are used on a per minute basis.
• 5.3. Subscribers can use the option Quickbuy during private shows with models. Using this feature will allow users to immediately and manually
refill their balance with selected credit package during the show.
• 5.4. Subscribers are notified about the consideration of automatic purchase each time it occurs, via an automatic notification on an e-mail, and can disable the option in the settings of their Account.

• 5.5. Using any of these options will charge the default payment method set by the subscriber.

5.6. Billing this account (the actual price payable for credit) depends on the physical location where the account has been created. Please note that KissKiss Show reserves the right to round sum. KissKiss Show does not store or have access to the details of payment transactions.
• 5.7. For information about any bank charges subscriber can apply directly to his / her bank.
• 5.8. KissKiss Show will not be liable for any difficulties occurring outside KissKiss Show.
• 5.9. Any complaint must be placed within 24 hours, counting from the date of the incident in the KissKiss Show - Customer Service. Given the complexity and characteristics of the procedure for determining the validity of the complaints placed after a 24-hour period, those should be recognized only in the case of force majeure.
• 5.10. KissKiss Show Customer Service reserves the right to review messages and other data, taking the necessary actions and/or measures.
• 5.11. Channel offset / return loans in an amount proportional to the price paid when the loan is lost through the fault of KissKiss Show, when the models of the site in the "Nude Only" refuses to provide erotic content. In case some erotic content was provided, KissKiss Show assess the situation and decide whether the client's complaint is reasonable and whether appropriate compensation / refund of credits is justified. Models can decide how deep their erotic content is. However, they are not allowed to give false promises that they do not fulfill at the end of the show. Models in this category are not required to provide erotic content, but at the time of show they are allowed to show nudity on request. Each subscriber should be informed of that when he becomes the first member (this term is defined below) he / she is recommended to specify and / or repeat his / her special wishes to service provider during a private show if it is held in non-compliance with his / her expectations . Refund of credit for unrealistic expectations will not be encouraged if the visitor (as a member of the first, the notion to defined below) did not follow the recommendations above. The subscriber must understand and accept that
joining a Private show initiated by another subscriber (hereinafter referred to as the "first member"), the subscriber, which in the process to join this performance ( "Follow-member") is considered to be a passive participant in the sense that service provider / Model obliged to follow the wishes of the first member. As a result, "Follow-up member" can not claim any compensation or refund.
• 5.12. In connection with the payment system adopted Live Communications LTD as well as third-party payment systems, only the same amount that was paid for the purchase may be returned (partial refund of purchased credit packages is not possible). To do this whenever only used part of the credits; the return would be possible, depending on the circumstances, only by restoring credit in your account. Cash refund is not possible. Refunds, when possible, in accordance with the above, will be carried out using the same payment methods, which were used for the purchase. An appropriate amount of credits will be deducted from the balance of KissKiss Show account. Some payment methods do not allow a return due to technical reasons.
• 5.13. In case of any query Live Communications LTD is able to help you regarding your transactions made through different payment providers, contacting with a particular provider. Therefore, for billing information and support please contact us, send an email to Online Support.
• 5.14. The sums spent on such services as VIP Membership or FanClub, Gifts, Model Channel and Credit Package, as well as Meet & Fuck section can not be refunded.
• If the Guest purchased from KissKiss Show personal data of chosen model and she refused to meet with the Guest outside the platform because of security reasons or any other reason, the funds for this service can be returned to the Visitor.

5.15. Notwithstanding the foregoing, KissKiss Show com is not liable for any defamatory, offensive or illegal conduct of any Guest / Subscriber or for any failure of performance, error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, failures in communication lines , theft or destruction or unauthorized access to, alteration of or use of records, whether under contract or violation of the theory, or any other cause of action, for any amount paid and the amount paid by the Subscriber to the site KissKiss Show
• 5.16. Under no circumstances, including, but not limited to, negligence, website or any related, affiliated companies are not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or punitive damages that result from the use or inability to use the service without prejudice to the established in this paragraph.
• 5.17. Cases of dishonest behavior related to online transactions are handled with high priority, keeping in mind the right to privacy of the Subscriber. Such cases may be transferred to companies specializing in this field.
• 5.18. Subscriber agrees that in case of any fraudulent transaction KissKiss Show has the right to use all available at the site information for the legal process, in particular, browser history, IP and e-mail addresses and any other traceable action. During such legal procedures KissKiss Show may include other professional parties to investigate and share certain information in order to comply with the requirements of the law, to defend their rights and represent the interests of their clients.
• 5.19. KissKiss Show fully cooperating with law-enforcement authorities investigating fraudulent transactions and other matters related to the legal jurisdiction and responds to subpoenas and court orders. Therefore, subscribers can only use their own payment methods on our website.
• 5.20. Keep in mind that the KissKiss Show reserves the right to round the amount to be refunded / compensation therefore KissKiss Show will compensate rounded.
• 5.21. When new users log on KissKiss Show, they can buy a package with bonus credits. This option is available only for the first purchase of newly registered users; a new account registration does not count. Member can regularly purchase packages with bonus credits. Member can also check the number of purchases necessary to obtain the bonus package. Bonus credits are part of a loan package, resulting in a return bonus credits after spending impossible.
• 5.22. The cost of operations with currency and transaction costs are included in the price of credit packages. KissKiss Show reserves the right to change prices depending on exchange rate fluctuations.

*  WARNING! By accepting these Terms and Conditions You agree to contact us if You have any disagreement with the charges made to Your credit card BEFORE YOU CONTACT YOUR credit card company for the purpose of cancelling any charges ("charge-back"). You must either email or telephone Us stating the reason why You dispute the charges. This will then enable Us to assess Your complaint and, if justified, refund Your credit card with the disputed amount.


6th Article: KissKiss Show - Statements by the Subscriber and / or Guest
• 6.1. I am fully aware that the KissKiss Show provides entertaining content for adults for their guests / followers.
• 6.2. I am fully aware that viewing adult content is only allowed viewers who are at least 18 years old or 21 year (in some regions).
• 6.3. I directly declare that to date, I have reached the necessary age to view adult content in accordance to my local regulations.
• 6.4. Currently, I live in a country which I truthfully and accurately indicated when registering on the KissKiss Show as well as take the responsibility for 24 hours to inform the administration of any change of residence by sending a note to
Online Support.
• 6.5. I acknowledge that the above mentioned fees paid considered successful only when the KissKiss Show confirms that the changes have taken place successfully.
• 6.6. I am fully and exclusively liable for any false declarations regarding my residency and for failing to inform KissKiss Show on changes in accordance with the above conditions.
• 6.7. I also certify that I am aware of possible criminal liability and, therefore, will act, under all circumstances, in accordance with the moral standards of my community, and the current legislation.
• 6.8. As an adult, I believe that I have the inalienable right to read / view any content, which I think fit.
• 6.9. Reading and / or viewing content on the website in no way violates the rules or laws of my neighborhood, village, city, county, state or country.

6.10. I am fully aware that all content and materials contained on KissKiss Show including, but not limited to the flow of the camcorder, images, applications and texts are duly protected by the existing legislation, as all rights reserved. Therefore, they need to be for my own exclusive personal use.
• 6.11. I am fully aware and agree that the KissKiss Show may cooperate with the judicial authorities in investigating fraudulent transactions and other matters falling under legal jurisdiction and responds to subpoenas and court orders.
• 6.12. I am aware that KissKiss Show and its subsidiaries can not bear any responsibility for any legal ramifications that may arise as a result of fraudulent entry or use of this website and / or material contained herein.
• 6.13. I also recognize that KissKiss Show or any other related, affiliated companies can not be held liable for any damages or losses arising as a result of contact with the model.
• 6.14. I understand and agree that under no circumstances KissKiss Show or any company associated with it companies, are not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special damage or other punitive damages due to false disclosure, violation of subscribers rights, prostitution, pedophilia , child pornography, violence, exploitation and trafficking in women and / or children.
• 6.15. I admit, and thus allow the team KissKiss Show to view any content in case of violation of the policy. Any forbidden content will be immediately removed from the site KissKiss Show. In spite of this, I am warned that these actions are not the responsibility of watching and was notified that the organization will not be held liable in case of my unlawful conduct.

6.16. I agree that intellectual property rights (including not only the right to use, adapt, translate, etc.) of any content (eg, instant messages, etc.) producing, publishing or otherwise placing me on KissKiss Show belongs to the KissKiss Show.
• 6.17. I authorize KissKiss Show to monitor record and store all my online activity on the site (including chat, video, e-mail).
• 6.18. I acknowledge and agree that any material recorded or any work created within the framework of this Agreement and / or using the KissKiss Show services (and all rights, including the full copyrights) belong to and are the exclusive property of KissKiss Show. I hereby instruct and pass KissKiss Show, without any compensation, results, content and revenues from my appearances (including appearances to date) in the video, audio, chat, dialogue, texts, activities, video instructions and tips: in all that is part of the services provided - including all copyrights in the materials listed above, as well as the extension and expansion of these rights throughout the world and throughout the period of validity of these rights.
• 6.19. KissKiss Show is considered the author of the purposes and the owner of all rights, title and interests of every kind and nature, for the duration of such rights, including any extensions and renewals in all jurisdictions.
 * 6.20. KissKiss Show can use and re-use, publish, distribute, modify, and otherwise exploit my name (real or fictional), likeness, image, design, voice, pictures, chat, video, audio, for any and all types of applications, whole or in part, in any media, or use the Internet.

6.21. I hereby waive any rights or claims that any use of KissKiss Show violates my rights, including, but not limited to the right to privacy, right of publicity, or other property rights.
• 6.22. KissKiss Show can change their interface as they see it and I waive any moral rights that might be with me that they do not have to use the old interface.
• 6.23. Screen shots with my picture can be recorded with the video or by any means, and I give KissKiss Show and its representatives the right to use the photos in print, in digital form, in online publications or on any media without restrictions and do not ask for it additional charges.
• 6.24. I also give KissKiss Show and its representatives the right to use any photos, made by me (via webcam or other means) for publication on the site, online and print, on CD or other media without restrictions and do not ask for this extra cost .
• 6.25. I waive any further financial compensation for any of the rights assigned, transferred or granted KissKiss Show in accordance with this agreement.
• 6.26. I declare and acknowledge that I do not act on behalf of a legal entity and am a physical person, and in any event the acquisition of services under this Contract may not be considered as part of my professional activity.
7th Article: KissKiss Show Responsibilities Subscriber and / or Guest
• 7.1. I agree not to copy, reproduce, republish, download, transmit and / or make public any of the content / materials KissKiss Show without the prior written consent of KissKiss Show.
• 7.2. I am fully liable for any false information provided by, and responsible for any legal ramifications that may arise from viewing, reading, or downloading of material and images contained on this site.
• 7.3. I will protect underage from access to the content of the website and take all precautions to protect them from the use of the site, for example, will not include a site to your favorites. I will take full responsibility in case of any underage access KissKiss Show through my account, or pay for services using my credit card.
• 7.4. I accept full responsibility for maintaining the security of my account and password.
• 7.5. I will not give out personal information, provide or support escort services and / or prostitution.
• 7.6. I will not arrange personal meetings with suppliers of adult services, as it is against the rules, and will not share my telephone number with the Supplier Adult Services / Subscriber, or any other way to try to enter into physical contact with the suppliers of adult without the consent of KissKiss Show and Model / Subscriber. In any case, I am aware that KissKiss Show will not be held liable in the event that if I tried to join in physical contact with adults Services Provider / Subscriber.
• 7.7. I will not use obscene words, threaten or quarrel, or violate the rights of visitors, Adult Service Providers (Models), employees KissKiss Show support or site management, as this is prohibited.

7.8. Text content sent or forwarded and the chosen user name will not be offensive, will not involve pedophilia, adolescence, bestiality or zoophile, or refer to elimination or consumption of any waste of the organism.
• 7.9. I will not use remarks and user names that do not belong to the standard of good taste, bearing in itself a violation of the law or other statements incorrectly.
• 7.10. I immediately inform KissKiss Show of any unlawful conduct of the Adult Service Providers (model), as well as any illegal use of trademarks, brands and / or registered music.
8th Article: KissKiss Show - Cancel Subscription
• 8.1. Subscribers have the option at any time to cancel the subscription to the KissKiss Show services.
• 8.2.
Unsubscribe is possible around the clock by sending a message to Online Support.

8.3. Once the account is canceled, your subscription status will be changed to "Cancelled" and all the details concerning payment will be archived.
• 8.4. Kiss Kiss Show reserves the right to suspend or cancel any subscription in case of violation of any term of this Agreement or in the case of any violations.


9th Article KissKiss Show - Personal Data and Privacy Policy

9.1. I authorize KissKiss Show processing technical data related to my visit to the KissKiss Show and give my personal data, including sensitive data (eg, related to my sexual life), provided by me with the registration on the website in accordance with the policy of confidentiality during my subscription KissKiss Show and after the cancellation of the subscription for the period necessary for the KissKiss Show in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.
• 9.2. I am not and will not provide any false information and / or documents to KissKiss Show. Consequently, I recognize that KissKiss Show has the right to immediately and unilaterally terminate this Agreement at the slightest suspicion of forgery.
• 9.3. I authorize all my data to be checked by KissKiss Show, randomly, resorting to any existing means for such influence. In spite of this, I know that it is not their duty, and was notified that the persons concerned will not be liable, either jointly or individually, in the case of my unlawful conduct.
• 9.4. I agree and I trust KissKiss Show receiving and storing information automatically from my computer used to visit KissKiss Show (using cookies and similar technologies). KissKiss Show can track user visits to the web site, providing a choice to accept cookies at the entrance. Cookies help to collect anonymous data.
• 9.5. I agree and I trust KissKiss Show to collect, process, and to bring to the attention of its processors, including processors located in countries that do not have adequate level of protection in accordance with the European Commission, the following types of information data relating to the subscriber:
• 9.5.1. The information that the subscribers voluntarily provide and / or allow you to view, such as names, email addresses, address, date of birth and other account information, is provided in the form proposed KissKiss Show.

9.5.2. Number of visits and areas of KissKiss Show pages visited by the subscriber. Software and hardware can also be introduced, along with any other data that may be derived from a common Internet space, such as browser type, IP address, etc.
• 9.5.3. Personal communication, such as telephone conversations, chat conversations, faxes and letters to KissKiss Show Staff, along with the e-mail messaging service provider for Adults (models) or our staff. KissKiss Show also keeps the chat client conversations Adult Service Providers (model) for a limited period of time.
• 9.6. KissKiss Show to use the data collected from the subscribers for general purposes, such as improving services, contacting the subscribers; configure site content and promotional marketing, standards, allowed by law.
• 9.7. By accepting this agreement, the Visitor also agrees that KissKiss Show can also explore methods to improve the user experience of subscribers.
• 9.8. KissKiss Show takes serious security measures, providing maximum protection to information against unauthorized access, modification, disclosure or deletion of data. Detailed customers information is always protected by sophisticated security system.

9.9. KissKiss Show protects subscribers’ information on electronic and physical levels.
• 9.10. KissKiss Show is actively implementing data loss prevention system against leaks and theft in order to protect our platform against the latest types of fraud. KissKiss Show also integrates the latest available technology to ensure the protection of the maximum security for its subscribers and protection of information belonging to them.
• 9.11. KissKiss Show system meets PCI DSS security standards, the standard set by Visa / MasterCard sets strict requirements.
• 9.12. Access of KissKiss Show employees to any personal information of subscribers is strictly limited and they are bound by confidentiality. Thus, it may be subject to disciplinary action, including termination of contracts and, in severe cases, even criminal penalties if they do not meet these strict obligations.
• 9.13. KissKiss Show does not rent, sell or in any other way does not transmit information to third parties, except for those related to the KissKiss Show and service providers in order to ensure the KissKiss Show normal functioning.
• 9.14. During the private show, KissKiss Show does not allow artists to record or photograph personalized subscriber broadcast cameras. Such actions are prohibited on this site.
• 9.15. Subscribers may obtain a copy of any personal information that KissKiss Show requests to rectify incorrect personal data, on the basis of a written request to the contacts provided in this Agreement. If the subscriber is opposed to the processing of personal data KissKiss Show, he / she has the right to unsubscribe from KissKiss Show at any time.
• 9.16. Upon receipt of the above request KissKiss Show will ask for personal information in the correspondence to the email address specified during registration at KissKiss Show, and will protect personal data and prevent unauthorized access.
• 9.17. If you have questions, the subscriber may use the contacts foreseen in clause 12 of this Agreement.


10th Article: KissKiss Show - Functionality and Security
• 10.1. In order to improve the security of Internet payments, our website kisskisshow uses 3-D Secure, which is used as an additional level of security for online credit and debit cards, two-factor authentication of the user.
• 10.2. KissKiss Show offers subscribers use the "Cookies" in their browser to ensure full functionality.
• 10.3. In accordance with of Luxembourg Data Protection Act "Loi du 30 mai 2005 sur les réseaux et les services de communications électroniques", according to the amendment, you have the right to refuse cookies on your memory device. Please contact the
Online Support.
• 10.4. KissKiss Show Support Team monitors all camera streams available on the website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
• 10.5. Due to the precise, unique design, the website has never been a serious breach of security.
11th Article: KissKiss Show - Spam
• 11.1. KissKiss Show does not send spam and do not allow posts, shielded from any actions related to spam.
• 11.2. The following is regarded as spam:
• 11.2.1. Manipulated messages, such as email headers, sent to or through KissKiss Show computer system in such a way that can lead to deception subscribers KissKiss Show.
• 11.2.2. Sending e-mails from third party name without permission.
• 11.2.3. Sending, transmission or cause for which there was a reference of false, misleading information, or perform other actions that are contrary to business interests of KissKiss Show.
• 11.2.4. Use or cause the use of KissKiss Show computer systems to facilitate the transmission of unsolicited or unauthorized material. This includes any promotional materials, links, or any other form of unauthorized persistent requests that you upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available.

11.2.5. Loading, publishing, e-mailing or transmitting the same message, URL, or multiple publication
• 11.2.6. Violation of the natural course of the dialogue by sending multiple messages quickly, using only capital letters or other behavior that negatively affects other users' ability to communicate.
• 11.3. Use spam through KissKiss Show system or concern subscribers is a violation of the Terms of Website.
• 11.4. KissKiss Show is doing everything possible to protect its subscribers from spam.
• 11.5. Cases spam or causing losses to KissKiss Show are prosecuted.
• 11.6. Notwithstanding the foregoing, KissKiss Show, when the subscriber has given permission to do so, according to the rules of this agreement, may send promotional emails about themselves and their partner sites, and every email will contain the option to unsubscribe.
• 11.7. Registered users may occasionally receive letters from KissKiss Show - letters mainly on payments or messages on the site. You can unsubscribe. Any promotional messages will only be sent if the subscriber agrees to obtain such services.
• 11.8. In case subscribers would like to report spam, we recommend using the "Message calipers" under "My Account" or send a
message to Online Support. Support Team investigates all reports as soon as possible.

12th Article KissKiss Show - Contacts
• 12.1.
You can contact the Customer Service Department
• 12.1.1.
Sending a message to - Online Support

13th Article KissKiss Show - Miscellaneous
• 13.1. This Agreement sets forth the entire understanding between guests / subscribers and KissKiss Show with respect to its subject matter and supersedes all prior understanding or agreements, whether written or verbal.
• 13.2. Each provision of this Agreement will be valid after the termination, if it is not contrary to the law or if the opposite was not clearly defined.
• 13.3. If a court of competent jurisdiction finds that any part of this Agreement can not be applied, it does not affect the legal applicability of the other parts of this Agreement.
• 13.4. The prevailing party in any dispute regarding compliance with the terms of this agreement shall be entitled to damages in court.

13.5. KissKiss Show changes the terms of this Agreement, KissKiss Show will post updates on the website and / or send a notice of the changes by e-mail before the start of the change.
• 13.6. If any change is unacceptable to you, you should stop using the KissKiss Show and unsubscribe (if you have one). If you do not stop using the KissKiss Show to use the services of the site, which means that you accept those changes.
• 13.7. English only shall prevail of all legal acts, statutory declarations made by KissKiss Show, including the Agreement. KissKiss Show does not accept any legal claims, or other complaints of confusion as a result of any mistranslations.
13.8. This Agreement and matters arising from it between the KissKiss Show and guests / Subscribers will be governed by the law of Holland.

13.9. Any dispute arising between the KissKiss Show and guests / Subscribers will be resolved peacefully, and only when this decision will not be effective, the competent authorities for disputes arising from this Agreement shall be the courts in the Netherlands.



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