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5th Article: KissKiss Show - Fees, Credit compensations, Return Policy and Unlawful Behavior

5.1. Visitors can purchase a credit option to spend them in the desired areas of entertainment for adults, so the choice of services must be preceded by an introduction to visitors, according to the content, service tariffs and the means of payment posted on this site.

• 5.2. Text chat with the dressed Adult Service Model is paid. If the visitor wants to get access to the full service (including undressed service model for Adults and private show), he / she should press the "Private Show" and from that moment it will be in the video chat room with the selected service model for adult, entering the private mode where the purchased credits are used on a per minute basis.

• 5.3. Subscribers can use the option Quickbuy during private shows with models. Using this feature will allow users to immediately and manually
refill their balance with selected credit package during the show.

• 5.4. Subscribers are notified about the consideration of automatic purchase each time it occurs, via an automatic notification on an e-mail, and can disable the option in the settings of their Account.

• 5.5. Using any of these options will charge the default payment method set by the subscriber.

5.6. Billing this account (the actual price payable for credit) depends on the physical location where the account has been created. Please note that KissKiss Show reserves the right to round sum. KissKiss Show does not store or have access to the details of payment transactions.

• 5.7. For information about any bank charges subscriber can apply directly to his / her bank.

• 5.8. KissKiss Show will not be liable for any difficulties occurring outside KissKiss Show.

• 5.9. Any complaint must be placed within 24 hours, counting from the date of the incident in the KissKiss Show - Customer Service. Given the complexity and characteristics of the procedure for determining the validity of the complaints placed after a 24-hour period, those should be recognized only in the case of force majeure.

• 5.10. KissKiss Show Customer Service reserves the right to review messages and other data, taking the necessary actions and/or measures.

• 5.11. Channel offset / return loans in an amount proportional to the price paid when the loan is lost through the fault of KissKiss Show, when the models of the site in the "Nude Only" refuses to provide erotic content. In case some erotic content was provided, KissKiss Show assess the situation and decide whether the client's complaint is reasonable and whether appropriate compensation / refund of credits is justified. Models can decide how deep their erotic content is. However, they are not allowed to give false promises that they do not fulfill at the end of the show. Models in this category are not required to provide erotic content, but at the time of show they are allowed to show nudity on request. Each subscriber should be informed of that when he becomes the first member (this term is defined below) he / she is recommended to specify and / or repeat his / her special wishes to service provider during a private show if it is held in non-compliance with his / her expectations . Refund of credit for unrealistic expectations will not be encouraged if the visitor (as a member of the first, the notion to defined below) did not follow the recommendations above. The subscriber must understand and accept that
joining a Private show initiated by another subscriber (hereinafter referred to as the "first member"), the subscriber, which in the process to join this performance ( "Follow-member") is considered to be a passive participant in the sense that service provider / Model obliged to follow the wishes of the first member. As a result, "Follow-up member" can not claim any compensation or refund.

• 5.12. In connection with the payment system adopted Live Communications LTD as well as third-party payment systems, only the same amount that was paid for the purchase may be returned (partial refund of purchased credit packages is not possible). To do this whenever only used part of the credits; the return would be possible, depending on the circumstances, only by restoring credit in your account. Cash refund is not possible. Refunds, when possible, in accordance with the above, will be carried out using the same payment methods, which were used for the purchase. An appropriate amount of credits will be deducted from the balance of KissKiss Show account. Some payment methods do not allow a return due to technical reasons.

• 5.13. In case of any query Live Communications LTD is able to help you regarding your transactions made through different payment providers, contacting with a particular provider. Therefore, for billing information and support please contact us, send an email to Online Support.

• 5.14. The sums spent on such services as VIP Membership or FanClub, Gifts, Model Channel and Credit Package, as well as Meet & Fuck section can not be refunded.

• If the Guest purchased from KissKiss Show personal data of chosen model and she refused to meet with the Guest outside the platform because of security reasons or any other reason, the funds for this service can be returned to the Visitor.

5.15. Notwithstanding the foregoing, KissKiss Show com is not liable for any defamatory, offensive or illegal conduct of any Guest / Subscriber or for any failure of performance, error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, failures in communication lines , theft or destruction or unauthorized access to, alteration of or use of records, whether under contract or violation of the theory, or any other cause of action, for any amount paid and the amount paid by the Subscriber to the site KissKiss Show

• 5.16. Under no circumstances, including, but not limited to, negligence, website or any related, affiliated companies are not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or punitive damages that result from the use or inability to use the service without prejudice to the established in this paragraph.

• 5.17. Cases of dishonest behavior related to online transactions are handled with high priority, keeping in mind the right to privacy of the Subscriber. Such cases may be transferred to companies specializing in this field.

• 5.18. Subscriber agrees that in case of any fraudulent transaction KissKiss Show has the right to use all available at the site information for the legal process, in particular, browser history, IP and e-mail addresses and any other traceable action. During such legal procedures KissKiss Show may include other professional parties to investigate and share certain information in order to comply with the requirements of the law, to defend their rights and represent the interests of their clients.

• 5.19. KissKiss Show fully cooperating with law-enforcement authorities investigating fraudulent transactions and other matters related to the legal jurisdiction and responds to subpoenas and court orders. Therefore, subscribers can only use their own payment methods on our website.

• 5.20. Keep in mind that the KissKiss Show reserves the right to round the amount to be refunded / compensation therefore KissKiss Show will compensate rounded.

• 5.21. When new users log on KissKiss Show, they can buy a package with bonus credits. This option is available only for the first purchase of newly registered users; a new account registration does not count. Member can regularly purchase packages with bonus credits. Member can also check the number of purchases necessary to obtain the bonus package. Bonus credit packages are not available if payment is done through phone and CCBill. Bonus credits are part of a loan package, resulting in a return bonus credits after spending impossible.

• 5.22. The cost of operations with currency and transaction costs are included in the price of credit packages. KissKiss Show reserves the right to change prices depending on exchange rate fluctuations.

*  WARNING! By accepting these Terms and Conditions You agree to contact us if You have any disagreement with the charges made to Your credit card BEFORE YOU CONTACT YOUR credit card company for the purpose of cancelling any charges ("charge-back"). You must either email or telephone Us stating the reason why You dispute the charges. This will then enable Us to assess Your complaint and, if justified, refund Your credit card with the disputed amount.