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9th Article KissKiss Show - Personal Data and Privacy Policy

9.1. I authorize KissKiss Show processing technical data related to my visit to the KissKiss Show and give my personal data, including sensitive data (eg, related to my sexual life), provided by me with the registration on the website in accordance with the policy of confidentiality during my subscription KissKiss Show and after the cancellation of the subscription for the period necessary for the KissKiss Show in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.
• 9.2. I am not and will not provide any false information and / or documents to KissKiss Show. Consequently, I recognize that KissKiss Show has the right to immediately and unilaterally terminate this Agreement at the slightest suspicion of forgery.
• 9.3. I authorize all my data to be checked by KissKiss Show, randomly, resorting to any existing means for such influence. In spite of this, I know that it is not their duty, and was notified that the persons concerned will not be liable, either jointly or individually, in the case of my unlawful conduct.
• 9.4. I agree and I trust KissKiss Show receiving and storing information automatically from my computer used to visit KissKiss Show (using cookies and similar technologies). KissKiss Show can track user visits to the web site, providing a choice to accept cookies at the entrance. Cookies help to collect anonymous data.
• 9.5. I agree and I trust KissKiss Show to collect, process, and to bring to the attention of its processors, including processors located in countries that do not have adequate level of protection in accordance with the European Commission, the following types of information data relating to the subscriber:
• 9.5.1. The information that the subscribers voluntarily provide and / or allow you to view, such as names, email addresses, address, date of birth and other account information, is provided in the form proposed KissKiss Show.

9.5.2. Number of visits and areas of KissKiss Show pages visited by the subscriber. Software and hardware can also be introduced, along with any other data that may be derived from a common Internet space, such as browser type, IP address, etc.
• 9.5.3. Personal communication, such as telephone conversations, chat conversations, faxes and letters to KissKiss Show Staff, along with the e-mail messaging service provider for Adults (models) or our staff. KissKiss Show also keeps the chat client conversations Adult Service Providers (model) for a limited period of time.
• 9.6. KissKiss Show to use the data collected from the subscribers for general purposes, such as improving services, contacting the subscribers; configure site content and promotional marketing, standards, allowed by law.
• 9.7. By accepting this agreement, the Visitor also agrees that KissKiss Show can also explore methods to improve the user experience of subscribers.
• 9.8. KissKiss Show takes serious security measures, providing maximum protection to information against unauthorized access, modification, disclosure or deletion of data. Detailed customers information is always protected by sophisticated security system.

9.9. KissKiss Show protects subscribers’ information on electronic and physical levels.
• 9.10. KissKiss Show is actively implementing data loss prevention system against leaks and theft in order to protect our platform against the latest types of fraud. KissKiss Show also integrates the latest available technology to ensure the protection of the maximum security for its subscribers and protection of information belonging to them.
• 9.11. KissKiss Show system meets PCI DSS security standards, the standard set by Visa / MasterCard sets strict requirements.
• 9.12. Access of KissKiss Show employees to any personal information of subscribers is strictly limited and they are bound by confidentiality. Thus, it may be subject to disciplinary action, including termination of contracts and, in severe cases, even criminal penalties if they do not meet these strict obligations.
• 9.13. KissKiss Show does not rent, sell or in any other way does not transmit information to third parties, except for those related to the KissKiss Show and service providers in order to ensure the KissKiss Show normal functioning.
• 9.14. During the private show, KissKiss Show does not allow artists to record or photograph personalized subscriber broadcast cameras. Such actions are prohibited on this site.
• 9.15. Subscribers may obtain a copy of any personal information that KissKiss Show requests to rectify incorrect personal data, on the basis of a written request to the contacts provided in this Agreement. If the subscriber is opposed to the processing of personal data KissKiss Show, he / she has the right to unsubscribe from KissKiss Show at any time.
• 9.16. Upon receipt of the above request KissKiss Show will ask for personal information in the correspondence to the email address specified during registration at KissKiss Show, and will protect personal data and prevent unauthorized access.
• 9.17. If you have questions, the subscriber may use the contacts foreseen in clause 12 of this Agreement.