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Woman on top sex position explained

Woman on top sex position explained
While there are lots of sex positions where the woman is on top, in this article we will discuss one specific woman on top position that is very similar to the Coital Alignment Technique, except the positions of the two partners are switched.

How to perform the woman on top sex position?

To do the woman on top position in sex, the man needs to lie down on a bed on his back. The woman then needs to get on top of the man as if they were going to do the Cowgirl position. Once on top, the woman needs to bend her torso forward, bringing her head close to the guy’s head, and bend her back in a way that makes her clit press firmly into the man’s pubic bone.

What is the woman’s role in the girl on top sex position?

Just like the Coital Alignment Technique, this sex position doesn’t focus on thrusting, so the woman won’t be moving up and down on the man’s penis when doing this sex position. Instead, she will focus on grinding on the man’s pubic bone to give herself a powerful clitoral orgasm with the man’s penis mostly remaining deep inside of her with no significant back-and-forth movement. The easiest way to grind is by flexing your abs kind of like if you were doing crunches, although something different might work better for your body.

What is the man’s role in the woman on top sex position?

Since the woman does all the work in this position, the guy can just lie back, relax and watch his girl have a good time on top of him. Alternatively, he can try to grind against the woman’s clit in return or he can place his hands on the girl’s hips and help her with her grinding movements.

Girl on top tips

If you have done the Cowgirl position in bed before, chances are that you’ve probably tried the woman on top position without even knowing it. If you haven’t keep in mind that you might need to try a few different versions of this position until you can find the exact right body position that provides the most pleasure. If you find that you need more clitoral stimulation than what grinding on your partner provides, you can use a vibrator when performing this position or you can even put a vibrating cock ring on your partner’s penis to give him and you a burst of new sensations.