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Why men fall asleep after sex

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How many times your male partner fell asleep right after sex? I am sure many of your partners did it many times. SO, WHY DOES HE DO THAT? According to health experts, as soon as a man reaches orgasm, his body chemistry changes. This happens when the biochemical prolactin is released, it makes him tired and he tends to sleep after an intimate session. DOES WOMAN ALSO SLEEP AFTER SEX? This usually doesn’t happen with women, even if they reach orgasm. Women stay semi-sexually aroused and they love to indulge in post-sex cuddling, love and conversation. Another reason why men sleep (and not women) is that while having sex and after climax, exertion and tiredness tend to reduce energy-producing glycogen in muscles. As women have less muscle mass, they don’t feel so lethargic after sex. THE ‘FEEL-GOOD’ HORMONE: Sex makes you feel relaxed and releases hormone oxytocin. This hormone helps in vanishing anxiety and stressful thoughts and makes it easier for you to sleep afterwards. This happens with women as well but their semi-aroused feeling helps them stay active for some time.