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Why do women’s nipples get hard?

Why do women’s nipples get hard?
The human body is infinitely mysterious and impressive at the same time - you may already know why you sweat or why a woman gets wet when she’s turned on, but why do nipples get hard? Read on to uncover the explanation to yet another mystery of our anatomy.

Why do girl’s nipples get hard?

There are several reasons why women’s nipples get hard - some of them are sexual in nature, some of them are not. But keep in mind that both men and women can have erect nipples, it’s not exclusive to just one sex.

Nipples get hard when you’re cold

The most common reason why your nipples might get hard is that you’re cold - the mechanism behind this is the same as why you get goosebumps on your skin when you’re cold and why your body hair ‘stands up’. Simply wearing more clothes or a bra with thicker padding can help with the issue of erect nipples.

Your nipples can become erect from contact with clothing

You may have noticed that your nipples get hard if you touch them - the same happens when your clothes touch your nipples or even rub against your nipples. This friction can even cause blisters or painful chafing, which can be helped by applying an anti-chafing cream to your nipples or putting Band-aids on them.

Hard nipples when breastfeeding

If you are breastfeeding your baby, your nipples will be hard while you’re feeding your child and sometimes in between feedings - this is completely normal and doesn’t have any negative sexual causes. Your nipples get hard when breastfeeding because it is easier for the baby to get latched on them that way. Your nipples might also get hard more than usual if you’re pregnant, as your body will be preparing for breastfeeding.

Erect nipples caused by fear

Another completely normal reason why nipples get hard is fear - the fear response center in your brain is located in the same place as the sexual response center, which causes the physical responses to the two to get mixed.

Other reasons why nipples get hard

Another incredibly common reason for hard nipples is physical stimulation - when someone or something touches your nipples, they get hard. You can also get hard nipples when you’re turned on. Being on your period makes you more likely to get hard nipples since you experience hormonal shifts and your breasts and nipples become more sensitive than usual. Finally, if you feel like your nipples get hard more than what’s normal, you might have elevated estrogen levels. This can be normal if you’re taking estrogen to elevate the levels of this hormone, or it might be a symptom of a hormonal imbalance.