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Wheelbarrow sex position

Wheelbarrow sex position

What is the wheelbarrow position in sex?

The wheelbarrow is one of the more exotic sex positions in which the man stands upright on the floor, while the woman is in front of him facing the floor with her hands on the floor and her legs either wrapped around the man’s waist or bent at the knee - in the second scenario the male has to hold the woman’s bent legs by the ankles. This position is certainly not easy to perform but it’s perfect if you’re both fit enough to do it and if you want to mix things up in the bedroom.

How to do the wheelbarrow sex position?

When you first look at this sex position it looks fun and exciting but a lot of people encounter issues even before they can get into position. So how do you actually get into the wheelbarrow position? First, the male partner should get into his position by standing on the floor with his feet parted a little bit and his knees slightly bent. Next, the woman should get on all fours in front of the man, transition into a pushup and lift her legs up one after another as her partner catches them and helps guide them into the position around his waist. Once you’ve found a position that works for you both, the guy can begin thrusting motions.

Wheelbarrow position pros

The main advantage of this sex position is that it’s a fun way to shake things up in the bedroom. It’s a perfect choice for those nights when you two are feeling silly and playful. Plus, you can test your core strength and experience new sensations with your partner.

Wheelbarrow position cons

The disadvantage of this position is that it can be difficult or uncomfortable to perform for one or both partners. At the same time, the woman can easily become lightheaded in this position, so it’s important to not stay in the wheelbarrow position for a long time.

Frequently asked questions about the wheelbarrow position in sex

How to make the wheelbarrow position more comfortable?

To make this position more comfortable, the woman can try leaning on her forearms instead of her hands if they get sore. It’s also a good idea to put a pillow or a blanket under her hands or arms and to change the position from time to time to let the woman’s circulation return back to normal.

Can I do the wheelbarrow position while sitting?

Sure, this position is sometimes called the “lazy wheelbarrow” position. To perform it, the guy should sit on a chair or the edge of a bed. This can help both partners be more comfortable, as the woman can support her weight with her forearms more easily in this position.

Should I try this position with a new partner?

As fun as the wheelbarrow position may look, it’s best to try it with a partner you’re comfortable with, not a one night stand or a potential boyfriend or girlfriend you’re trying to impress.