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What is the difference between making love and having sex?

What is the difference between making love and having sex?
As highly intelligent creatures, humans tend to analyze virtually everything that happens to us and sex is no different. But there’s no argument that even though the general principle of the process is essentially the same, the actions of having sex, making love and even fucking are completely different. Each person’s definition of these three terms may be a little different but here’s what experts suggest they mean:

What is the definition of having sex?

As amazing as sex can be, when two people are strictly having sex and not making love, they are essentially trying to satisfy their sexual needs and desires. When a person is having sex with a partner, they are only thinking about themselves and what they need to do to satisfy their needs. Whether or not the other person gets their needs satisfied is beyond the scope of having sex.

What is the definition of making love?

Unlike having sex, making love is an activity that two people engage in not only to satisfy themselves but also to pleasure their partner. When two people are making love, both their bodies and their souls are connected in a timeless dance of mutual pleasure.

Can you make love without being in love with your partner?

Each person will have a different answer to this question. Some people can’t even think about really making love to another person without being in love with them. Others, on the other hand, believe that you can make love with a partner even without being in love but at the same time, the selfless, infinitely pleasurable process of making love can actually help the two partners fall in love with each other and build a deep emotional connection that’s needed for two people to experience love.

Frequently asked questions about making love vs. having sex

Is romantic sex better?

Sometimes, you just want to satisfy your physical needs and your partner has the same goal and it’s okay. Making love is not necessarily better than having sex, the two have their own place and time.

What are the pros of having romantic sex?

The main advantage of making love is the emotional connection the two people experience as a result. Making love binds the two partners in pleasure.

Can making love be kinky?

While it seems like kinky sex and the process of making love are two completely different things, you can actually make love while being a little or even a lot kinky if you still experience a strong emotional bond and a desire to fulfill your partner’s sexual needs.