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What does cum taste like?

What does cum taste like?
Humans are curious creatures and nothing excites our curiosity as much as sex. One of the questions both men and women ask most often is “What does cum taste like”? If you’ve never had the chance to taste cum before, are afraid to try or simply don’t have a male partner who could help satisfy your curiosity, we’re here to help.

What does cum taste like?

There’s no one single answer to this question, as the taste of cum will vary greatly from one guy to another and even the cum of one person can change its taste depending on the diet, the amount of water the person has had recently, etc. The taste of women’s cum can vary as well.

Cum texture

Male cum can be described as a viscous liquid, however, the level of its thickness can vary a lot depending on the guy. Thicker ejaculate typically has more protein in it and is often a sign that a man doesn’t ejaculate very frequently. At the same time, if the man ejaculates more frequently and has less protein in his cum, it will be thinner and more liquidy. In general, the texture of cum can vary from a thin, watery liquid to a thick, cream-like substance.

Cum flavor

So what about the actual flavor of cum? In general, it is described as having salty, bitter, sweet and even bleachy notes. The sweetness in the taste of cum is usually very mild, if present at all, and it comes from fructose, glucose and other sugars found in ejaculate. The concentration of sugars in cum is typically not very high, so if there’s any sweetness at all, it could be obscured by other flavors. The saltiness, on the other hand, is much more pronounced and most people describe cum as being first and foremost, salty. The salty taste is completely normal and it comes from minerals, such as sodium, that are contained in semen. The bitter notes that can often be found in semen usually come from the fact that semen has a basic pH. At the same time, men who have had a vasectomy have a more neutral pH in their semen, which leads to a more muted, less pronounced taste. The bleachy notes that can sometimes be tasted in semen also come from its basic pH and are not a cause for concern.

Frequently asked questions about cum?

Does cum taste bad?

Each person has a different opinion on this, but many people don’t think that cum tastes bad, but it definitely does have a distinct taste that some people may find unpleasant.

Can you change the taste of cum?

There are no scientific studies that have been done on the taste of cum, but there is lots of anecdotal evidence that suggests that changing your diet can help improve the taste of cum. For instance, drinking more water and eating more fruit can help improve the taste of cum, while eating asparagus, broccoli, spinach, coffee, alcohol, tobacco and some other things can make it worse.

What is cum made of?

Most of cum is water, but it also contains sugars, such as glucose and fructose, amino acids, hormones, various minerals and organic acids, a few enzymes and, of course, sperm, which only makes up about 2-5 percent of cum.

What is the normal volume of cum?

The typical amount of cum that a man can ejaculate during one orgasm is about one teaspoon or even less. This amount can vary a lot, for instance, if the man recently ejaculated, the amount will be less and less for the following ejaculations.