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What do men want in bed?

What do men want in bed?
Every woman wants to keep her man satisfied and happy in bed but it’s an impossible task to accomplish if you don’t actually know what guys want in bed. There’s no one answer to this question, instead, this guide will reveal all the things men really like in bed to help you become his best lover ever.

Tell him how sexy he is

Don’t you just love it when your man tells you how hot you are, looks at you with passion in his eyes or otherwise makes you feel sexy and desired? Well, you might be surprised to know that men enjoy this kind of attention just as much as women. Your man can also feel insecure about his body and it will mean a lot to him if you show him how sexy you find him.

Variety - one of the things men want in bed

No matter how great your sex is in the beginning of your relationship with a man, it can get boring very quickly if you only use one or two techniques. Exploration and the ability to try different things is what makes sex so much fun, so make sure that you try something new in sex regularly.

Men want to feel a connection with you during sex

Even though many people think that only women seek intimacy in sex, it’s not true - men want to connect with their partner and experience intimacy with another person during sex just as much as women do. Even if you’re into naughty, rough sex, it’s sometimes nice to have slow and romantic sex.

Guys want to feel less pressure in bed

Although you might not think about it, there is a ton of pressure that a man experiences in sex. A guy often has to initiate sex, get and keep an erection, get the woman turned on, do all or most of the work, make sure that sex lasts long enough and ideally, give the woman an orgasm. You can take off some of that pressure by doing some of these parts yourself, for instance, you can try initiating sex more often, doing some of the work yourself, taking a lead in sex sometimes and even helping him give you an orgasm.

Guys want to know that you’re enjoying sex

Some women don’t take much initiative in sex and it can be difficult for men to know when a woman is enjoying herself and the man’s moves in bed. If your man is doing a good job of pleasuring you in bed and you’re enjoying sex, make sure to show him this by moaning, telling him, smiling, etc. Guys also love to know what you enjoy in bed - this can be as simple as telling him that what he’s doing at the moment is really working for you and that he should keep doing it. Once you feel comfortable enough, you can tell the guy about your private sexual fantasies, fetishes, etc.

Men want to make their sexual fantasies come to life

Virtually every person in the world has different sexual fantasies that are usually kept private and your boyfriend does too. There might be some fantasies that he wants to come to life but for some reason feels scared to tell you about. Try talking to your man about these fantasies and see if you’d like to make them come to life. The best way to start this conversation is to tell him about some of your fantasies and what you’d like to do in bed to help him open up more easily.