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Water masturbation

Water masturbation
There are dozens of different ways to masturbate and tools you can use for masturbation. Did you know that water is one of the favorite ‘sex toys’ of many women? Whether you regularly enjoy water masturbation and are looking for new masturbation techniques that incorporate water or you’ve never tried masturbating with water, this article will definitely give you a few new masturbation tricks.

Bath faucet masturbation for beginners

Bath faucet masturbation is the classic of water masturbation and it’s extremely easy to master. All you need to do is lie down on your back in your tub, spread your legs and put them against the wall. Next, turn on the water, adjust your position so that the stream is hitting your clitoris and enjoy! For a more intense orgasm, try starting with cool water and allowing your clit to get numb before slowly switching to warmer water.

Masturbate with a showerhead for new sensations

Another water masturbation technique calls for a handheld showerhead. People often use these showerheads to massage their back, legs or stomach in the shower but there’s no reason why you can’t use a showerhead to give yourself an incredible orgasm! All you need is a handheld showerhead and good water pressure. You can play with yourself while standing up, sitting or even laying down in the tub and you should take your time to experiment with water pressure and temperature, as some women prefer the gentler setting, while others enjoy really intense stimulation.

Water masturbation in a hot tub or jacuzzi

The jets in a hot tub or a jacuzzi provide another amazing opportunity for mind-blowing water masturbation and the best news is that you can get an orgasm even if you’re wearing a bathing suit. Simply kneel in the hot tub while facing the wall and adjust your position so that the water jet is hitting your clit.

Frequently asked questions about water masturbation

Can I use sex toys in the shower?

You can only use waterproof toys in the shower or simple toys that don’t use electricity, such as silicone dildos, glass or metal butt plugs, etc.

Is water masturbation safe?

Masturbating with a stream of water is completely safe as long as you use it to stimulate your clit and don’t try to insert the showerhead into your vagina or aim the stream of water directly into the opening of your vagina.