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How to turn a girl on in 8 easy steps

How to turn a girl on in 8 easy steps
Being able to turn a girl on quickly and without failures is the ultimate dream superpower of many guys. Here we offer an easy step-by-step guide on how you can turn a girl on when you’re sitting next to her. The success of this method depends a lot of how carefully and consistently you’re following these rules and, of course, on whether or not the girl actually likes you. If you find yourself in a situation where you feel like you and the girl really clicked and there is chemistry - sir down next to her and follow our simple tips one-by-one to get her aroused.

Get close to her

The first step of this plan is to find an excuse to sit down to her really close - your arms have to be touching, this is key to getting her hot and bothered. The problem is that girls normally don’t like it when guys get in really close and she will likely slide away from you slightly even if she likes you. This is why you need to quickly distract her right after you sit down next to her. You can show her some pictures on your phone, a cool game you’ve discovered or an interesting article you’ve read - anything to keep her attention away from how close you’ve managed to get until she gets comfortable.

Keep her attention focused on you

If your initial distraction didn’t last long, find something interesting to talk to her about, tell her a secret or a juicy gossip you’ve heard about someone both of you know, you get the jist. But don’t flirt yet - that will put her on alert.

Give her a compliment

Once you’ve been sitting together for a while, you can start dipping your toes into flirting. Begin slowly - maybe give her a subtle innocent compliment that will make her blush and smile but won’t make her slide away from you. You can say how much you like her haircut, how nice her eyes are or how beautiful her earrings look in the light. Again,don’t rush it, simply keep talking and sprinkle a few compliments into the conversation.

Touch her hand and whisper in her ear

The next step is to find an excuse to touch her hand or her fingers. Try complimenting her on her jewelry and touching her skin next to the piece or handing her something and touching her hand in the process. If she doesn’t move her hand away, talk to her some more and then lean over and whisper something into her ear. Ideally, this would be a compliment or an invitation to go out. Make sure to put your lips close to her ear - the feeling of your warm breath on her sensitive ears will surely make her wet.

Reach for something

If you’re feeling chemistry in the air and the girl is clearly enjoying what’s going on, you can now take things to the next level. Come up with an excuse to reach out from across her - you can try to put something on the seat next to her or get something from that seat. Once you’re moving your hand back, “accidentally” brush your arm against her breast or thigh. Make sure it looks 100% natural and accidental, you don’t want to scare her away.

Seal the deal

At this point both you and her should be thoroughly turned on, so it’s a good time to ask her out on a date or even go for it and ask if she wants to go back to your house or somewhere else that’s more private. Even though she probably wants it bad by now, it’s a good idea to mask your invitation by saying that you want to show her a new game, play her a new song you’ve learned on the guitar or something else, you get the point.