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Transformation fetish

Transformation fetish
There are lots of other fetishes out there and even if you wanted to learn about all of them, you probably wouldn’t be able to because of the sheer number of kinks and fetishes people have when it comes to sex. One of the very surprising and yet quite common kinks is the transformation fetish in sex. In this article from KissKiss, we’ll bring you up to speed on the TF fetish.

What is the transformation fetish or TF?

The term TF or transformation fetish describes a phenomenon where a person is interested in the transformation of people into objects or animals. While this interest in transformation is often sexual in nature, it doesn’t have to be.

How do people explore their transformation kinks?

Naturally, it is impossible for a human to transform into an animal or an object, which is why a lot of transformation fetishists use art to explore their transformation fantasies. There are quite a lot of online communities where people share artwork related to transformation fantasies. This includes stories, animated videos, pictures, etc.

What is the scenario of TF fetish artwork?

TF kink stories and cartoons differ in scenarios but the most common theme is a non-consensual transformation that occurs after the person in the story is cursed by someone, attacked or bitten by an animal, infected with a virus or has sex with the attacker.

Frequently asked questions about the TF fetish

What are the most common transformations in the TF kink?

It is very common for TF fetish artworks to feature transformations into animals, such as cats, dogs, wolves, foxes or marine animals. Some stories also feature transformations into inanimate objects, such as furniture, dolls, stuffed animals, etc.

Who has transformation sex fantasies?

Virtually any person can have transformation fantasies regardless of their gender, sexual orientation and preferences or relationship status, but this fetish is most commonly found in people who like hentai and other cartoon porn or in people who identify as furries.

Is the TF kink dangerous?

There isn’t a lot of information about the TF fetish but this fetish is generally considered to be quite harmless, as most people explore this fetish through roleplaying or creating and viewing artwork.