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Top portfolio allocation tools

Top portfolio allocation tools
Creating a great portfolio is an important step in everyone’s life. There are a lot of portfolio asset allocation tool examples that can suit your unique needs and help you create the best portfolio possible. Here are some good examples:

Large Brokerages - one of the top portfolio allocation tools

This can be used to build an institution-specific portfolio. There are a variety of services that can help you construct a mock portfolio, compare fund performances overtime, plan your expenses and saving plans, set an asset allocation and see how your mock portfolio investments performed in the past. There is even a specific page that allows you to find funds that suit your specific needs based on different categories like fund type, fund value, expense ratio, total return, etc. Each institution service helps you manage investments directed to their institutions, thus if you have several different accounts this method won’t make sense.

Portfolio Charts

Portfolio Charts helps you build a personalized portfolio by giving access to 12 different calculators. Those calculators are designed to give you valuable feedback on different aspects of your chosen asset allocation. It’s like a test for different strategies which can help you choose the best one. Their “Portfolio finder” page allows you to look for good portfolio ideas in the shortest amount of time by inputting your preferred asset allocation, desires rate of return and risk tolerance. It will then show you a set of unique portfolios with the highest returns. This way you can search for every possible combination of assets.

Portfolio Visualizer

Portfolio Visualizer provides you with an impressive variety of tools you can use to do a factor analysis, build a momentum portfolio, do adaptive allocations, test out a wider range of assets than any other site does, and so many more things. You can build international portfolios and run calculations with detailed information on three asset allocations at the same time.

FIRECalc portfolio allocation tool

FIRECalc is short for the “Financial Independence, Retire Early.” It's very popular nowadays. First, you should input your spending numbers, current savings, asset allocation. It will then show you how this exact portfolio would have performed for every starting point since 1871. It allows you to cross out any possible catastrophe and figure out when it’s safe to stop working and start living in your investments.

Bankrate portfolio tool

By inputting information like your savings, tax rate and future goals this calculator generates a pie chart with recommendations on diversifying your investments. You can change those numbers to get more/less risky portfolios. All of these tools are great by themselves, it just depends on what you want them to do. Even if you are doubting if you should start investing, our advice - invest! Even a little investment today can help you grow your portfolio over time, giving you the best possible returns.