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Top male sex fantasies uncovered in the KissKiss blog

Top male sex fantasies uncovered in the KissKiss blog
If there’s one thing that unites almost all humans regardless of their sex, gender, race, nationality, etc. it’s the ability to fantasize about sex. Almost all of us have our own sex fantasies that are usually kept private - it’s the things you think about while masturbating or even having sex with your partner. A lot of sex fantasies are fun to think about but they are not something you’d like to do in real life. Some sexual fantasies, on the other hand, can come to life with a certain amount of effort. If you’re simply wondering what your man might be dreaming about or you’re trying to find a fantasy of his that you can help come true, this article is here to help.

Threesome - the classic men’s sex fantasy

If you asked 100 men about their sex fantasies, threesome would definitely be the most common theme in the answers you receive. Indeed, it’s hard to find a guy who has never dreamed about having two gorgeous women pleasure him at the same time. The idea of a threesome with two women both creates a visually pleasing picture and makes the man feel like a real macho who can easily satisfy two women at once. A less common but still very steamy fantasy is a threesome with another man and a woman, typically the woman in this scenario is the partner of the man who fantasizes about the threesome. The most common underlying reasons for this fantasy is the desire to pleasure the woman in ways that are not possible with only one man present or the desire to see the woman in an implied submissive position.

Domination scenario - a common male sex fantasy

Even though it’s a lot more common to see a man in a dominating position than a woman, some men still wish to be dominated sometimes, even if this domination is subtle. Female domination fantasies that men have usually don’t involve whips, leather and bondage. Instead, it’s all about taking initiative and setting the course during the night of passionate lovemaking.

Sex fantasies about roleplay

Roleplay is something that almost every man dreams about regularly. After all, there are so many exciting roleplay scenarios that you can try: teacher/student, doctor/patient, master/slave, boss/secretary, etc. The last common fantasy that a lot of men and women have is to be seen having sex or, alternatively, to watch other people getting it on. These fantasies often involve having sex outdoors, such as in the woods, on a beach, in a public bathroom or in a car.