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Top 5 sex positions for seniors and people with mobility issues

Top 5 sex positions for seniors and people with mobility issues
When people get older or experience mobility issues, back and joint pain, the quality of their sex lives deteriorates significantly. It’s natural - sex requires certain physical agility and if people can’t get into the right position for having sex without experiencing pain, they start having sex less and less. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this way, as there are plenty of sex positions that are suitable for seniors and people with decreased mobility.

Missionary sex position for older people

Missionary is one of the most popular sex positions and it’s totally suitable for older people. To perform this position, the woman lies down on a bed with her body flat and the man lies down on top of the woman with his body parallel to hers while supporting most of his weight on his elbows. This position is perfect if you or your partner have issues with your backs, knees or hips, but you can also adjust it even further by having the woman sit on the edge of a chair and the man kneels in front of her with his knees on a pillow.

Doggy style sex position for older people with hip pain

If either one of you has bad hips, doggy style might be the best position to try. Not only does it provide intense G spot stimulation for the woman, but it also allows your hips to rest. This position is also perfect for people who are overweight.

Modified missionary sex position for seniors

If you or your partner have lower back pain, you can try the modified missionary position. To perform it, the woman lies down on a bed with her hips near the edge of the bed, places a few pillows under her hips and raises her legs straight up in the air. The man stands on the floor in front of the bed and helps to support his partner’s legs.

Cowgirl position for older adults

If the woman in your relationship has chronic pain or mobility difficulties but the man has relatively good mobility, the cowgirl position will be a great choice. In this position, the man lies on the bed flat and the woman straddles him. The woman can either keep her torso straight or lean backward or forward to place some of her weight on her hands. In this position, the woman can ride the man if she feels comfortable doing it or the man can thrust up and down while the woman remains still.

Spooning sex position for people over 60

The spooning sex position has tons of advantages, as it’s comfortable, easy to perform and gives a great deal of emotional connection to the two partners. To perform this position, both partners need to lie down on a bed on their sides facing in the same direction as the man behind the woman. The man can then enter the woman from behind and use his hands to stimulate her erogenous zones.

Frequently asked questions about sex for seniors

Can seniors have sex?

Absolutely, older people can and should have sex as long as they don’t have any health issues that make it impossible. In fact, about 10% of men remain sexually active after turning 90 years old.

Can you have sex without intercourse?

Sex and intercourse are used interchangeably but they don’t mean the same thing, as sex refers to all the sexual activities, not just penetrative vaginal sex. Therefore, you can definitely have sex without having intercourse and a lot of seniors actually prefer to have sex this way.

Can you have sex in a long-term care facility?

People are entitled to the right to have sex no matter where they live. If you’re looking for a long-term care facility, find out what their policy on romantic and sexual relationships are before making a decision and try to stay away from places that don’t have such policies or places that discourage or even prohibit relationships.