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Top tips for a hands-free orgasm for women

Top tips for a hands-free orgasm for women
Just like most women, you probably achieve an orgasm as a result of some kind of physical stimulation. This can include rubbing your clit, fingering yourself to stimulate your G spot or using a toy like a vibrator or a dildo to cum. But did you know that many women can learn to cum without using their hands as all? Some of these methods can help you achieve a truly hand-free orgasm with no physical stimulation at all, while others don’t require the use of your hands but utilize some other form of physical stimulation.

Think yourself to a hands-free orgasm

You might think that this is impossible, but some people can actually bring themselves to an orgasm only with their thoughts. There are different methods to do this: some people try focusing on their breath as they think about different sexual acts, others think about their erogenous zones, do Kegels or even center their attention on their chakras.

Orgasm in your sleep

If the first method is a bit too out there for you, you can explore different techniques that can help you orgasm in your sleep. Some women discover that they can orgasm while spelling by accident, while others use specific methods to have arousing dreams that can bring them to an orgasm.

Listen to binaural beats to orgasm with no hands

Binaural beats is a kind of music that combines two tones of low frequencies, creating a vibration. A lot of men can get erections while listening to this type of music and women can get aroused too. Some people can even orgasm from listening to these tracks - they say that they experience a sudden pause in sensations followed by an orgasm. You can find plenty of binaural, ASMR and orgasm tracks on YouTube.

Meditate yourself to an orgasm

If you like to meditate and are quite good at it, you can try erotic meditation, the goal of which is to make you aroused and even make you cum. To try this, find an erotic meditation video or soundtrack and follow along with the voice to relax and let yourself become turned on. If you have lots of experience with meditation, you can add your own fantasies into the mix.

Other ways to have a hands-free orgasm

The methods described above might make you aroused but most people probably won’t be able to achieve an orgasm only with their mind. If you require a little more stimulation to get off, you can have a hands-free orgasm with a little cheating if you use a showerhead or a panty vibrator to help you.