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The ultimate guide to deep penetration sex

The ultimate guide to deep penetration sex
Sometimes you and your partner might feel like having slow, romantic sex, while other times what you need is some passionate, animalistic, deep penetration sex. This guide will help you with just that situation!

Why does deep penetration sex feel good?

You might know that the two most sensitive spots that women have are the G spot and the clitoris. These are located about two inches from the vaginal opening and at the crest of the labia respectively, but did you know that there are two more hypersensitive spots deep inside the vagina that can make deep penetration sex feel really good for a woman? The A spot is located right next to the cervix on the upper vaginal wall, while another spot is located in about the same place on the back wall of the vagina. When these spots are stimulated during deep sex, it can feel very pleasurable for a woman. At the same time, deep penetration can be unpleasant for some women since the penis can come in contact with the cervix, so it’s important to check in with your partner.

How to achieve deeper penetration during sex?

If you enjoy deep penetration sex, there are several positions you can try that guarantee maximum penetration. Alternatively, you can try adding pillows to different positions to ensure deeper penetration or you can also lean on furniture. If you enjoy deeper penetration than what your partner's penis can do, you can try adding toys to your sex. Sex toys like penis extenders, long dildos and vibrators can help reach that coveted A spot with ease but it’s important not to hurt your partner’s ego if you decide to suggest using them in the bedroom.

The best deep penetration sex positions

Cowgirl - the ultimate deep sex position

If you love to be in control, to feel the entire length of your partner’s penis inside of you and to provide him with a great visual of you during sex, the Cowgirl is a great choice. This position provides plenty of intimacy, allows you to change things up, take control in the bedroom and it also lets the woman control penetration speed and depth, guaranteeing pleasure.

Doggy style deep penetration

Doggy style is another classic position that lets you enjoy deep penetration without the need for a lot of athleticism and flexibility. Plus, this position is also great for G spot stimulation.

Anvil - a great deep sex position for flexible women

If you are quite flexible in your back, you can try the Anvil position, in which the woman lies flat on her back and puts her feet behind her ears with her legs straight. In this position, the man usually presses down on the woman’s legs, which pushes her hips up, allowing for deeper penetration. If you find that Anvil position is uncomfortable, Deep Impact might work better for you. You lie on your back, but your man kneels by your butt. He can either slide his thighs under your butt or spread his legs so that his thighs are on either side of yours. Kneeling means he will lift your hips slightly, and you can achieve deeper stimulation.

Right angle position for sex with deep penetration

To do the right angle position, the woman needs to lie down on the bed on her back and raise her straight legs so that they are at a right angle to her torso. The man then sits down on the bed in front of her hips with his legs extended on both sides of her hips and torso.