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Testicle massage health benefits and techniques

Testicle massage health benefits and techniques

What is testicular massage?

Testicular massage refers to the process of massaging a man’s testicles. This can sometimes be done during masturbation, oral sex or foreplay to get pleasurable sensations from this massage. But In this article, we will focus mainly on standalone testicle massage that’s performed for medical purposes.

Is it healthy to massage your balls?

If you perform testicular massage correctly and apply only very gentle pressure, this massage can have numerous health benefits. For instance, regular testicular massage can help improve circulation in the testicles, help fight inflammation, aid in improving your erections and the quality of your sperm. At the same time, testicular massage can have a similar function as breast self-exams for women, allowing you to examine the testicles for any new abnormalities. Massaging your balls can also help you get more in tune with yourself and discover new erogenous zones and ways to get pleasure.

How to massage your balls?

The first step to an effective testicular massage is the warm-up. You need to spend a few minutes on warming up your balls and getting the blood flowing to maximize the effect of your massage. Some easy ways to warm up your testicles include taking a warm shower or bath, spending a few minutes in a sauna or simply letting your testicles sit in a bowl of warm water for a bit or wrap them in a warm towel. Keep in mind that you should never continue to warm them up for more than 10 minutes. Once your testicles are warmed up, lubricate them and your hands with some silicone-based lube or a bit of almond or jojoba oil. Then, start by massaging the area around your scrotum for a few minutes and move on to massaging the area between your balls with your thumb and index finger. Next, massage the base of the scrotum, pulling it down every once in a while. Finally, cup your testicles with one ball in each hand and gently massage them, mixing in some gentle up-and-down motions in the mix.

Frequently asked questions about massaging your testicles

Should testicle massage hurt?

No, testicular massage might feel a little weird or unusual the first few times you try it but it should never be painful.

Can I involve my partner in testicular massage?

Absolutely, you can invite your partner to help you with the testicle massage if you want. Just make sure that both of you are ready to communicate effectively about the experience.

How often should I massage my balls?

You can start by giving yourself a testicular massage twice a week but if you feel like you could benefit from more or less frequent massages, go for it!