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Standing 69 sex position

Standing 69 sex position
The standing 69 position has been featured in a ton of porn movies and even in some conventional shows. It surely looks exciting and exotic but is it actually a position that a couple can enjoy having oral sex in? Keep reading to find out!

Who is the standing 69 position suitable for?

It should probably go without saying that the standing 69 sex position is definitely not suitable for everyone, in fact, most couples probably can’t and shouldn’t do it. In order to do the 69 position standing up the man has to be quite strong and muscular and the woman has to be very light, petite and generally small. Plus, both of you need to be healthy and physically fit to make sure you don’t hurt your backs or other body parts. The truth is that even couples who can perform this position can only do it for a few minutes at a time, as it’s very tiring for both partners. But it’s a great position for couples who feel like their sex life is getting boring and they want to spice it up in a very exotic way.

How to do the 69 standing up?

It’s absolutely crucial that you practice doing the standing 69 position on a bed before actually standing up. To do this, the man should lie down on a bed with his knees located at the edge of the bed and his feet touching the floor. Next, the woman should get into her position, which is just like the regular 69 position but her legs should be very close to the man’s head, almost squeezing it. Finally, try doing this position with the man sitting up - it will be enough to show you whether you’ll be able to perform it while standing up. The man should use his hands to try and sit up on the bed while the woman should wrap her legs around his neck and shoulders and her arms around his waist. If you can do this position for a few minutes, you can try to transition to the standing up position.

What does the girl do in the standing 69 position?

When you’re attempting the standing 69 position, the main task for the girl is to keep herself from falling down. This means keeping your legs wrapped around his shoulders and neck and using your hands and arms to hold on to his waist and keep yourself from sliding down. And of course, you should also try to give your man a blowjob at the same time, although it may not be possible for you to take his penis into your mouth. You can try kissing and licking your guy’s dick and balls instead.

What is the man’s role in the standing 69 position?

Just like the woman’s main task in this sex position is to make sure she doesn’t slip or fall down, the guy’s main role is to make sure that he stays steady and doesn’t drop both of you to the ground. He can also prevent you from slipping down too far by holding you by your shoulders. As for the sex part of the position, just simple slow movements with the tongue will do, there’s no need to add more complicated moves or techniques to this position.