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Stand and carry sex position to spice up your sex life

Stand and carry sex position to spice up your sex life

Is the carry sex position hard to perform?

TV, movies and porn all love to show the stand and carry sex position but do people really use it all that much in real life and is it difficult to do? Well, while the carry sex position can be incredibly fun for you and your partner, there’s no getting around it - it’s not easy to do. In fact, only some couples will be able to do it since you both need to be quite fit physically, the woman has to be very light and the man strong to have sex in this lifted sex position. If you discover that you can’t do this position, don’t worry, there are dozens of other sex positions you can try.

How to do the stand and carry sex position?

The most difficult thing about the lifted sex position is that the guy needs to lift the girl using his arms and keep her in the air for the entire time. To make it easier to lift your woman up, you can try starting from the Butterfly position where the woman is lying flat on her back on a bed with the guy standing between her legs in front of the edge of the bed. Io transition from this position to the stand and carry, the guy needs to lean over and wrap his hands around the woman’s back and waist while she wraps her legs around his waist. Then, simply stand up and enjoy! You can also start by doing the Slow Dance sex position while standing and facing each other and then the guy can lift his partner up in the air by holding onto her butt or waist as she wraps her legs around his waist.

What is the woman’s role in the stand and carry sex position?

Since this position is very challenging for the guy to do, the girl needs to help him by carrying some of her weight. This can be done by wrapping the arms around the back of the guy’s neck and wrapping the legs around his waist and holding them firmly in place. The girl can also lean further away or closer to her partner to change the angle of penetration for varying sensations. It is also possible for the woman to slightly pull herself up on the man using her arms around his neck.

What is the guy’s role in the lifting sex position?

The guy has two very important jobs when performing the stand and carry position in sex. The first one is to hold the woman and support most of her weight in his arms. The second is to thrust in and out of her. You can try thrusting by keeping your legs straight and moving your hips back and forth or you can try bending and straightening your legs to achieve thrusting motions.

Things to remember when doing the stand and carry sex position

Since this position is quite challenging physically, you probably won’t be able to do it for a very long time, two or three minutes is as far as most people get. You can also make this position easier and more pleasurable if you stand with the girl’s back pressed against a wall.