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How to spice things up in the bedroom?

How to spice things up in the bedroom?
When it comes to long-lasting monogamous relationships, sex can become boring quite quickly unless you and your partner make an effort to keep things interesting. If you feel like you want or need to try something new in the bedroom, this guide has lots of fun ideas for you to try:

Try new positions to spice up sex

Very often couples find one or several sex positions that work really well for them and stop trying new things and positions as a result. This can make sex feel very routine and boring and trying a new position every once in a while can help. Simply look through different positions that you can find in our blog and pick one or two to try the next time you’re having sex. You don’t even need to tell your partner - just get them into their position and surprise him or her with new sensations.

Make your sex fantasies come to life

Every person in the world has sex fantasies and most of us don’t tell our partners about them. Often times it’s because we think these fantasies are weird and our partner won’t be interested. But if you trust each other enough, sharing your sex fantasies can be a great bonding experience and making them come to life together can feel even better. Just make sure to be open-minded and accepting towards your partner no matter what his or her fantasies are even if you ultimately decide you don’t want to try them.

Switch up the roles to spice up things in the bedroom

If you examine your relationship and your sex life closely, you’ll notice that one of your is slightly more dominant than the other - one of the partners usually initiates sex more than the other, introduces new sex ideas into the relationship, etc. It can be a fun change of pace to switch things up. For instance, if your partner usually takes initiative, try to initiate sex more often or bring new ideas to try in the bedroom. If you usually initiate things, try taking a step back and let him lead your sex life sometimes.

Buy a few sex toys to spice up your love life

If you’ve never tried using sex toys in the bedroom, you’re missing out greatly! There are thousands of different sex toys you can try using for different parts of your bodies to keep things hot in the bedroom - just go online or visit your local store and make your choice! One important thing to keep in mind is that while toys are fun, they should only be an addition to your sex, not a replacement for it.

Take a shower together to keep things interesting in the bedroom

Another very easy thing you can do to spice things up for your guy is to take a shower together with him. What’s even better is to make it a surprise! Just wait for the next time he goes to take a shower and join him without saying a word, just make sure that both of you have plenty of time and are not rushing off to work. From there, you can choose to have sex, give him a blowjob or even simply wash him - it can be very sexy if you’re both naked!