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Softcore public exhibitionism

Softcore public exhibitionism
Let’s be honest, most of us have thought of having sex or doing something sexual somewhere where we might get caught at least once. While there are many considerations to think about before engaging in public sex or public play, if you’re dead-set on trying exhibitionism, here are a few ideas to spice up your night:

Take a trip to lovers’ lane for steamy car sex

This is a timeless classic - simply wait until it gets dark outside, find a secluded spot and go wild on each other. If your car doesn’t have tinted windows, purchase a pair of stick-on sun shades to give you more privacy. Alternatively, you can take your date to a drive-in movie theater, choose an R-rated movie to make sure there are no kids around and park in a secluded spot near the back of the lot.

Play safe exhibitionism games in public in a restaurant

A dinner date can sound pretty boring, especially if you and your date have already been on dozens of them. But there are many ways to make dinner dates lots of fun. For instance, you can pick a dimly lit restaurant with long tablecloths on the tables and play footsie while chatting and eating your meal. Alternatively, you can purchase a couple of remote-control toys and have fun with them while waiting for your dessert. If you’re out with friends, you can add a little spice to the evening by secretly sneaking away to the bathroom and masturbating there. The goal of this fun game is to make yourself cum faster than your partner and give him or her a photo or video proof of your time record.

Send each other sexy pictures and videos in a sexy exhibitionist game

Sexy photos and videos are fun but you can take things even further by using video calls. For instance, try giving each other naughty orders while on a video call - this can add a touch of BDSM to your sex lives and be extremely hot if you can’t be together for the moment.

Frequently asked questions about exhibitionist games

What is exhibitionism?

Exhibitionism is a practice of exposing your genitals to others to get sexual pleasure.

Is public exhibitionism legal?

In most places in the US and around the world, it’s illegal to expose your genitals to people in public unless they’ve given you consent. But in many cases, it’s legal to have sex in public if nobody catches you. Plus, in some states, having sex in a car is legal if you’re doing it in a secluded location away from others.

How to practice exhibitionism safely?

There are numerous ideas for safe exhibitionism play in this article, but if you want to take things further and actually have sex in front of other people, find people who are interested in watching you have sex and get their consent for the activity. Alternatively, find a sex club in your area where such practices are common.