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Top sexual massage techniques to pleasure your partner

Top sexual massage techniques to pleasure your partner
Virtually all women love massage - it’s relaxing, pleasurable and helps you take your mind off things. But did you know that there’s a type of massage that you can perform on your woman and give her a better massage experience than any SPA salon could? We’re talking about an erotic massage!

How to give an amazing erotic massage?

A great massage is a lot more than just good technique. First of all, you need to create the right environment and set the scene for your massage. This means finding a good time to give your partner an erotic massage and a quiet, private place to do it. Next, take your smartphones, tablets, laptops and clocks out of the room so that there are no distractions. Dim the lights in the room, light some candles and put on some relaxing music to create the right atmosphere. Don’t forget to choose a massage oil with a scent that your partner will enjoy. Next, get yourself in the right mindset - remember, you’re doing this for your partner, so make sure to think about how you can give her the most pleasure, what nonverbal signs you should keep an eye out for, etc. Once you’re ready, start the massage. You may be tempted to simply follow a set massage routine but a much better choice is to keep an eye on how your partner responds to different movements to give HER the best massage possible.

Best sensual massage techniques

Effleurage sensual massage technique

The best way to start an erotic massage is with effleurage - a massage technique that uses light, soft touches applied with the palms of your hands in circular motion all over your partner’s body.

Try the kneading sexy massage technique

The kneading technique is used in both classic and erotic massages and it’s incredibly easy to perform even if you’re a beginner. All you need to do is squeeze the muscle tissue in your partner’s back, legs and butt with the tips of your fingers.

Stretching as a part of erotic massage

If your partner is feeling particularly tense in some areas of their body, you can try the stretching massage technique to help relieve some of that tension and stress. Simply try bending and carefully rotating your woman’s knees, elbows, wrists and feet to loosen up their joints without using any force.

Frequently asked questions about sexual massage for women

Can I touch my partner’s genitals during a sensual massage?

Most sensual massage techniques focus on helping your partner relax, get rid of their stress and feel closer to you while you’re massaging their body. This can include some stimulation of their genitals but you shouldn’t focus too much on it.

Do I have to give my girlfriend an orgasm during an erotic massage?

While your partner might get an orgasm during a sensual massage, this is not the goal of the experience and you shouldn’t focus too much attention - your partner should just relax and not feel any pressure to cum.

Can I perform a sensual massage on a man?

Absolutely! Both men and women can enjoy an erotic massage.