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Top sex positions for plus size women

Top sex positions for plus size women
Although it’s been slowly changing for a few years now, most of the women we see in porn movies and on TV are very slim but it doesn’t mean that big girls aren’t beautiful or that they can’t have amazing sex just like thinner women. At the same time, if you’re on the bigger side, you probably know that some sex positions just doesn’t work as well for plus size women. We’re here’s to take the guesswork out of sex. Here are the top BBW sex positions:

Best sex positions for larger women

Doggy style - a great position for sex with a BBW

Doggy style is an incredible classic sex position that works very well whether you’re slim or plus size. This position allows your man to stimulate your G spot, meaning there’s a huge potential for incredible orgasms. Plus, when you’re having sex in the doggy style position, your stomach in out of the way, making it simpler. On the other hand, if you have a larger butt, it might be difficult for your man to enter you.

Cowgirl sex with a big girl

A lot of bigger girls don’t want to have sex in the cowgirl position because they are worried that they might hurt their partner. The good news is that it’s not true! Even if your man is much smaller than you, you won’t hurt him or do any lasting damage to him since your weight will be spread over a large area of his body, specifically his legs. And if you’re not a fan of this position because you’re afraid that your body might not look great in it, you can turn off the lights but keep in mind that your partner knows how you look and wants to have sex with you, so it’s all just in your head!

Spooning sex position for plus size women

Spooning is a great position that can make you feel very close to your partner. Simply lie down on the bed as if you were about to spoon and then have your partner insert his penis and start thrusting. If he has trouble reaching your vagina, he can put his legs between yours and move his pelvis closer to your vagina or you can lift your top leg up to give him better access.

Leg Glider sex position for BBW

To perform the Leg Glider position in sex, lie down on the bed and slightly lean over to one side. Then, lift your top leg up and have your man sit down and straddle your lower leg as he penetrates you. This position works extremely well if your guy has a foot fetish because he’ll be able to hold your upper leg and play with it. If you and him are not into foot play, he can still stimulate your clit and breasts.

Butterfly sex position for sex with a big girl

The Butterfly sex position works extremely well if your guy’s penis is located around the edge of your bed when he’s standing next to it. To do the butterfly sex position, lie down on your bed, move to the edge so that your butt right next to the edge and have your man stand in front of the bed. Lift your legs and place them on his shoulders or keep them in the air if you prefer. This gives your man great access to your anus, clit and vagina, so he can thrust while being fully in control.