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4 best sex positions from behind

4 best sex positions from behind
If you’re like most people, you’ve probably tried having sex from behind at least once in your life. A lot of people simply stick to the doggy style position, but there are actually lots of other fun sex positions that you can use to have sex from behind.

Top positions for taking her from behind

Doggy style - the classic position for taking her from behind

Just because doggy style is the most common position people use to have sex from behind, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t deserve a place on this list - after all, it is so popular because it works so well. To do this position, the woman stands on all fours on a bed and the man enters her from behind. The girl can either spread her legs or keep them close together to vary the sensations.

Submissive doggy style variation

All sex from behind positions have the woman in the submissive position with the man being in the dominant position, but a head-down ass up doggy style position takes it to another level. When doing this position, the woman places her head on the bed instead of standing on all fours. This gives the man an amazing view of the woman’s butt and allows both partners to enjoy some power play.

Standing doggy style position for entering a woman from behind

This fun sex position works well for couples who are about the same height. The best way to do it is for the girl to face a wall and place her hands on it, bending her lower back to stick her butt out. The man then simply needs to stand behind the woman and start thrusting.

Prone bone sex position

Prone bone is one of the sex positions that women enjoy the most. To do this position, the woman needs to lie down on the bed and stick her butt up. The man then comes in from behind and starts thrusting in and out. One trick to make this position more pleasurable and comfortable is to put a pillow underneath the woman’s hips.

Frequently asked questions about sex from behind

Do women like having sex from behind?

Absolutely! While sex from behind can seem impersonal, it can also be very passionate and animalistic, which is something most women love.

Do all women like to be dominated in bed?

No, not all women enjoy being submissive in bed, although most of them do. Specifically, about 80% of women like to be dominated, while 10% enjoy dominating and submitting equally and another 10% only like dominating.

Are there any positions where the woman can do all the work while being penetrated from behind?

In most cases, when you’re having sex from behind, the man is doing all of the work, but it doesn’t have to be that way. For instance, in the reverse cowgirl position, the woman is being penetrated from behind while doing all or most of the work herself. Plus, the woman can do all or most movements in the doggy style position.