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5 kinky sex ideas to try with your girlfriend or boyfriend

5 kinky sex ideas to try with your girlfriend or boyfriend

Blindfold your partner during sex or foreplay

While blindfolds can seem pretty basic when it comes to kinky sex, it’s not just the fact that you’re using a blindfold that’s important, it’s how you use it. For instance, you can play the hot and cold game where you blindfold your boyfriend or girlfriend and use hot and cold stuff to play with them. For instance, you can run an ice cube over the nipples, neck, stomach, clitoris, penis, balls, etc. Or you can take some warm jam, honey or caramel into your mouth and perform oral sex on your partner. This can also be alternated with cold water in your mouth. Another idea is to bring your partner to a different location while they are blindfolded - this can be as basic as leading them to another room or as adventurous as leading them to the car parked outside or to your backyard where other people might see you.

Tie up your girlfriend and have kinky sex

Bondage is another crowd favorite when it comes to kinky sex. You can use rope, handcuffs, duct tape or even a phone charger to pie your partner up or tie them to something to bring a new spark into sex.

Spank your partner to show them who’s the boss

Spanking is something that a lot of people enjoy doing but it’s not for everyone, so make sure that your partner actually enjoys it before you go too far. The options here are unlimited - you can spank your girlfriend or boyfriend during sex, foreplay or if they’ve just been naughty or did something they weren’t supposed to. You can use your hands, household objects or even a belt to do the spanking or buy special tools like whips, canes or floggers if you and your partner are really into spanking.

Pull her hair to make sex kinkier

Hair pulling is something that can be very hot for both partners and it can be added to virtually any sex act to spice things up. For instance, you can try pulling your girlfriend’s hair during doggy style sex, you can wrap her hair around your fist and help guide her head while she’s giving you a blow job or you can even grab her by her hair and pull her down to your dick as if you’re telling her to suck it. Some guys also enjoy light hair pulling, so if your man has enough hair on the back or top part of his head for you to grab it, go for it!

Wrestle in bed to make him overpower you and add kink to your sex

Wrestling with your man can sound silly and child-like but it’s actually the perfect way to start having kinky sex. The best way to get your man to playfully wrestle you is to wait until you’re in bed together and he says something silly - you can start tickling him in response, which will lead to him trying to stop you and just like that you two are wrestling. Now just put up a good fight and give him a passionate kiss to let him know what you’re in the mood for before he can overpower you and turn playful wrestling into passionate, kinky sex.