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Sensual spanking

Sensual spanking
Do you want to spice up your sex life? Add a little kink to your sensual lovemaking? Or maybe you want you and your partner to experience a new type of sensation in bed? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then it might be time for you to learn about erotic spanking in sex.

Why do people enjoy spanking?

Some people have never tried spanking their partner in bed or being spanked themselves because they consider it to be strange or weird. Some people even refuse to try spanking because they think they will hurt their partner. At the same time, more and more people are actually adding occasional spanking to their sexual repertoire and finding that erotic spanking can both feel incredible for the person being spanked and give the respective sense of dominance and submission to the two partners.

How to try erotic spanking in bed?

If you’re hooked and now want to try sexual spanking, you first need to talk it over with your partner. Spanking can cause both physical and emotional pain for someone who is not into it, so you absolutely need to get consent before trying anything kinky in bed. If your partner is down to be spanked, come up with a safe word for her or him to use in case things go too far.

Spanking as foreplay

As excited as you may be to spank your partner as soon as you get the green light to do it, you shouldn’t lead with it. Instead, start with your usual foreplay activities and slowly progress towards spanking when you know your partner is thoroughly turned on and ready for it. This way you can ensure that spanking feels pleasurable and not painful.

Spanking techniques and positions

When you finally get to spanking, you can incorporate it into your foreplay by adding a few spanks and slaps here and there, or you can also dedicate some time solely to spanking. If you’re craving a serious spanking session, take time to choose a position - it’s most common to have your partner lean over your knees while you’re spanking them but you can also have your partner lean on a table, against a wall, kneel in front of you, lie down on the bed, etc. As for the sensual spanking technique, there are lots of things to try out. For instance, you can try spanking your partner with your hand flat or cupped for different sensations, alternate between different strengths of slaps, and change up the speed. You can also try grabbing and massaging their butt after some slaps or caressing it to let your partner cool off for a bit before going back to intense spanking. But keep in mind that no matter what technique, tool or position you use for spanking, you should watch your partner’s reaction carefully to find out what they like best.

Frequently asked questions about spanking in sex

Where to spank my partner?

The best part of the body for spanking is the butt, specifically, its fleshy part. Make sure to avoid spanking your partner above the butt where the kidneys are or on the tailbone and places where the hip bones are close to the surface of the skin.

What to do after a spanking session?

No matter how hot the spanking session was, aftercare is extremely important. This can involve simply talking about the session and things both of you liked and didn’t like, cuddling, taking a warm bath, etc.

How to make spanking more erotic?

If you’re worried that your spanking session is not turning out to be hot enough, you can try kissing and stroking your partner on different areas of the body, playing with his or her genitals or anus as you’re spanking them or dirty talking to your partner.