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The ultimate guide to the scissor sex position

The ultimate guide to the scissor sex position

What is the scissor sex position?

If you have an average level of experience with different sex positions, you may not know what the scissor position in sex is or you may think that it’s only possible to perform this sex position when two women are having sex. You might be surprised to know that while the scissor position looks and sounds very exotic, it’s actually quite easy to perform once you know what you and your partner should be doing on your ends. The scissor sex position is also great if one or both people have a foot fetish as you can easily play with your partner’s feet while having sex scissor style. The scissor position can be quite complicated to do the first time you try it but once you get the hang of it, it’ll be a piece of cake. To do the scissor position, the woman needs to lie down on her side with her legs straight and her top leg lying on her bottom leg. Next, she needs to bend her top leg and raise it to allow the man to access her vagina. The man should lie down on his side with his head near the woman’s feet and his feet near her head. Next, he should slide his lower leg to be underneath the woman’s lower leg and his upper leg on top of her lower leg. The man and the woman also need to be facing in opposite directions in this position so that the man can penetrate the woman.

What is the girl’s role in the scissor sexual position?

The main role of the woman in this sex position is to find a comfortable position - since the man will be placing some of his weight on top of the woman, she needs to be able to get comfortable. Once the guy is inside and starts thrusting, the girl just needs to respond to her partner’s movements by thrusting back to meet his movements. She can also hold onto his legs to make it easier for her to thrust.

What is the guy’s role when having scissor sex?

The guy’s role in this sex position is to just find a position that feels comfortable and easy to stay in and keep thrusting in and out of you! He can also play with your feet or hold onto your leg to steady himself and help him thrust harder.

How to improve the scissor sex position?

If you enjoy having sex scissor-style but feel like the position can be improved, you can try changing it up to find an angle that feels good for both partners. The woman can also play with her clit or breasts for additional stimulation.