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Road head

Road head
Think of all the places where you would like to give or receive a blow job. Is a moving vehicle on the list? If it is, you absolutely need to read this article from KissKiss. Surely, getting a blowjob while driving a car can be a little dangerous but if you’re set on doing it anyway, here’s the best way to do it:

How to give amazing road head? 

Giving road head is not much different than giving your man a regular blowjob in your bedroom. First, make sure to get him turned on and hard by playfully rubbing his thighs and crotch, kissing him over the pants or maybe even playing with yourself a bit on the passenger’s seat. Once he starts getting hard, take time to rub his dick through his pants until he gets a full erection and take his penis out of his pants. Next, start stroking your man’s penis with your hand for a little while to warm him up. Once he’s good to go, lean over to his lap, staying as low as possible to prevent other people from seeing you, put his penis in your mouth and start giving him the best, most exciting blowjob of his life. When you feel like he’s about to orgasm, ask him to pull over, as having an orgasm while driving can easily lead to an accident. Plus, this way he can relax and fully enjoy his road head orgasm. 

Road head tips for safe blowjobs while driving

The first tip for ensuring a great road head experience is to make sure that you’re in a car that’s not too large and doesn’t have a huge divider between the passenger and driver’s seat. If you’re struggling to get your body over the divider, try to find a different car to give road head in.  This should go without saying, but receiving road head is quite distracting, so you should never do it in a busy downtown or when your partner needs to make a lot of turns and maneuvers while driving. It’s best to choose a long stretch of the road where the driver just needs to keep going straight for a long time. You should also get your hair in a ponytail or a bun before giving road head to avoid adding any more distractions for the driver.  If you’re receiving road head, keep an eye on the speedometer and avoid speeding or generally going faster than what’s safe. You should also be on the lookout for other cars and police - the last thing you want is to get in trouble with the law for getting road head. 

Frequently asked questions about road head

What is road head?

Road head is a term used to describe a sex act when a person is getting pleasured orally while they are driving a car. 

Can a woman receive road head?

While it’s technically possible for a woman to receive oral sex while driving, it’s much more difficult and dangerous compared to a man getting a blowjob while driving simply because of anatomy. For this reason, women virtually never receive road head. 

Is getting road head dangerous?

Getting road head can absolutely be quite dangerous because it distracts the driver, making it more possible to cause an accident. Plus, you might get caught engaging in oral sex while driving, which is a huge violation of the law. Finally, if you have to brake or turn suddenly, your partner might accidentally hurt their head or your penis.