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Prone Bone - the best sex position ever?

Prone Bone - the best sex position ever?
Have you ever thought about what the best sex position of all is? Some might suggest that it’s missionary, others love cowgirl, while many people would suggest that doggy style takes the cake. But not many people know that there’s another amazing contender for this position and it’s the Prone Bone sex position.

What is the Prone Bone sex position?

The Prone Bone sex position is quite simple - the woman lies down on her stomach, spreading her legs and raising her hips just a little bit to give the man easier access to her vulva. The man then kneels behind the woman and enters her. You can perform this position when the woman transitions from an on all fours position in doggy style to a laying down position. This position is also called the lazy doggy position.

What are the advantages of the Prone Bone sex position?

The Prone Bone position in sex is incredibly popular - in fact, there’s an entire subreddit run by its fans. There are many reasons why both men and women love it. For women, it’s amazing because it provides great G spot stimulation because the man’s penis is pointed slightly downwards. Secondly, it’s a very comfortable position for anal sex. Plus, it’s the perfect choice for couples who love to involve power exchange in their sex lives because the man is in a very dominant position while the woman has no other choice but to submit when prone boning. This position also ensures a very tight fit for the penis and lots of visual stimulation for the man.

How to make prone bone fucking even better?

The prone bone position is already quite kinky but you can make it even more hardcore by pushing the woman’s head down onto the bed, spanking her as you have sex, pulling her hair or holding her hands behind her back by the wrists. If you don’t want to go too hardcore, you can simply kiss her neck or whisper dirty talk in her ear.

Frequently asked questions about prone boning

Is the prone bone position comfortable?

Absolutely! This position is very comfortable for both the man and the woman.

Is the woman’s clit stimulated during prone bone sex?

There are two ways for a woman to achieve clitoral stimulation in the prone bone position. First of all, if the woman uses a pillow to raise her hips, her clit can be stimulated against the pillow as the man thrusts in and out. If that's not enough, she can also reach down with her hands and play with her clit that way.

Can you use a vibrator when prone boning?

Sure! The woman can hold a vibrator in her hands and reach down to stimulate her clit with it.