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Prince Alber piercing

Prince Alber piercing

What’s a Prince Albert piercing?

Most people have either never heard of a Prince Albert piercing or don’t know what it is. A Prince Albert piercing is a popular type of male genital piercing. In this piercing, the jewelry goes through the frenulum, which is located underneath the head of the penis and enters the urethral opening. A Prince Albert piercing can look very scary and painful if you’ve never seen one before since the jewelry is partially located in the urethra and the other side of it comes out of the bottom wall of your penis.

Prince Albert piercing benefits

The thought of getting your penis pierced may sould terrifying to a lot of people but there are actually quite a few reasons why people get a Prince Albert piercing. First of all, some people really enjoy the way this piercing looks on a man’s penis - a penis piercing can change the way your penis looks, help you express yourself and make you more satisfied with your body. Secondly, a Prince Albert piercing can be very pleasurable both for the person who is wearing this piercing and his partner. The man who has the piercing can enjoy lots of urethral stimulation when he’s having sex or masturbating, while the woman can enjoy explosive G-spot stimulation if her partner is wearing a Prince Albert piercing and is entering her from behind. A Prince Albert piercing can also greatly increase the amount of pleasure your partner gets from anal sex no matter what their gender is. For males, a Prince Albert piercing provides additional prostate stimulation during anal sex.

Prince Albert piercing procedure

Just like with any piercing, you absolutely need to find an experienced, reputable piercer to do your piercing. First, the piercer will apply a local anastetic to your penis and leave it to work for about 20 minutes. Then, the piercer will apply an antiseptic solution to your penis and mark the location of the piercing. Finally, he or she will use one of two methods to do the piercing: the first method is to insert the needle directly through the urethra and into the frenulum, the other one is to place a hollow tube into the urethra and then have the needle go through the frenulum and into the tube.

Frequently asked questions about Prince Albert piercings

Why is the piercing called a Prince Albert?

According to the legend, the Prince Albert piercing is named after Prince Albert, who was the husband of English Queen Victoria. At the time, it was popular to wear tight trousers and some men would get a Dressing Ring piercing, which would allow them to keep their penis hooked to the left or right side inside their pants, making their crouch look more presentable.

What types of jewelry for Prince Albert piercings are there?

There’s a huge amount of variety when it comes to Prince Albert piercings but the most common types include the captive ring, which is a simple, classic ring, the barbell, which can be bent or curved, and the wand, which mostly sit inside of the urethra.

Does a Prince Albert piercing hurt?

While a properly placed Prince Albert piercing shouldn’t hurt once it’s healed, the piercing procedure can be very painful even if a local anastetic is used to help with the pain. All piercings hurt since the piercer puts a needle through your body but your penis is very sensitive already, so a penis piercing by definition will hurt. The good news is that the pain passes very quickly.