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Preparation for anal sex

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No one wants to poop during anal sex and we will make sure you will not!   While you are concerned about poop, you are missing an opportunity to have mind blowing orgasms. So its time to learn how to clean your butt and enjoy anal sex as much as you can!
  • The enema, that I wouldn’t recommend is Enema bags 20 usd , that’s why its on the 6 th place in our rating.  The bags are typically sold as part of an enema kit with tube and nozzle attachments.  Some also come with a hook so you can hang, but its difficult to control how much water comes out at once.   the bag  is pretty big, you fill it with warm water  and squeeze the bag to release the contents into you. As far as it is a big ass bag and you can start cleaning everything that you are not supposed to.
+deep cleaning – price, inconvenience, volume, look
  • Enema bulbs 7-12 usd  Its a reusable rubber bulb with a nozzle on the end that’s inserted into the rectum.  You fill it with warm water and release inside. The bulb cleaning only the lower part of the rectum, that’s good on the one hand because you wont overdo it with this small volume, but it takes many repeats to make it clean and shiny. Most  retailers sell enema bulbs as well as any pharmacy, at adult store they are probably more expensive. The principle and volume are the same, but  at adult store some models are equipped with an attachment for anus stimulation (ribbed or thickened).  Just note that the nozzles are often made of hard plastic, which can be uncomfortable, so try to find soft material, silicone Is great for that. One with a flexible tip is a bit more user -friendly.
+ cheap, control the volume – takes several times to get results, tip for insertion
  • Fleet enemas Enema with solution inside. 10- 15 usd Fleet enemas come in multiple versions so be sure to get the one that just has normal saline in it. This is one of your safest choices for anal douching. The same principle- insert the nozzle and release a solution. You don’t need a water here. You can buy Fleet enemas online or in the drugstore. They also have pre-lubricated nozzle tips which is less likely to cause tearing or other damage. The volume is also smaller so you are less likely to overdo it. But  wouldn’t generally recommend the Fleet enemas because the saline solution inside them can have nasty side effects and irritate your colon.
+effective, lubricated nozzle – price, irrattion
  • If nothing of this sounds appealing, To clean inside, try glycerin suppositories 5-10 usd The pharmacy sells glycerin candles which accelerate the removal of potassium masses from the body. People use them to empty and cleanse the bowels before a rectal examination or other medical procedure involving the intestines.
Advantages - availability ,  quick effect, lack of addiction, convenience of use. Disadvantages - the effect can be too "deep" (an irritating effect can affect the whole intestine, not just the rectum).  
  • Anal Shower FREE
If you are in hurry or if you don’t have an enema, there is one way that always works no matter where you are. It takes just a little bit of your time and you can do it fast and discreet.  All you need is a regular shower, use a hand-held shower head for direct, up-close cleansing. Detach the shower head,  Gently hold the nozzle against your anus, take a deep breath, the water will naturally enter your body.fill rectum with water. The nozzle doesn’t even need to go in your butt. You’ll find that just having it at the opening that you’ll get an effective rinse. If  the water too hot, can burn your insides, check carefully, room temperature is the best . 5 seconds should be enough to get the water inside your lower colon. Be ready on the toilet. if all water coming out is sparking, then you are done! Most anal sex only requires you to clean the first 6 or 7 inches of your ass. +: fast, free, can do it anywhere. –:can burn if hot water, cant control the volume
  • Anal Douche 20-30 usd
If you are planning to go big with anal sex idea, maybe its time to buy a special anal douche you can find it at adult store! Is a hose attachment that you install on your shower, it’s a really cool upgrade for your shower, your ass will be really happy! . Many of them include several attachments in shape of anal beads etc for additional stimulation. mostly made of metal. It is very easy to have the water pressure on too high or have the water too hot. If you choose this option, be very careful.  The nozzle doesn’t even need to go in your butt. You’ll find that just having it at the opening that you’ll get an effective rinse. Dnt fill your ass with water for 2 long, 5 secnd is enough, otherwise you might miss your date stock on the toilet. Use lubricant on the nozzle for safer insertion. +additional stim, safe, fast – expensive     How to Diet If you know, that anal sex is happening tonight or tmr, you can also eat the right food to avoid unpleasant surprises. Eating a fiber-rich diet normalizes your bowel movements and helps to keep your colon healthy. This makes your poops more “clean”. You should avoid hot/spicy foods before bottoming. We recommend eating the following foods: Beans Nuts Oatmeal Pasta Bread