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Preparation for anal sex

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Lets talk  about  preparation for anal sex. Following these steps,  you can remain relaxed and comfortable! Start from regular shower for external cleaning. For internal cleaning we recommend to  use  anal  shower , anal douche, enema bulbs , glycerin suppositories. We don’t recommend to use fleet enemas ,  enema bags. Pay attention on your diet.  Eating a fiber-rich diet normalizes your bowel movements and helps to keep your colon healthy. Lubricants. it should be used every time you have this type of sex. Silicone-based -perfectly suitable for this purpose, does not dry, increases elasticity of tissues, can be used in water, a small amount is needed Oil-based Not as popular as previous ones, used for extreme types of sex.  Increases tissue elasticity, preventing injuries.  not compatible with condoms and consumed quickly. Make sure to have an easy access to everything you need, have wet and dry wipes  ready, as well as lubricant, gloves, condoms. Use toys with flared base, like anal  plugs, anal  beads to prepare your muscles. Experiment on your own, so you will be able to guide your partner. There is no doubt that atmosphere is extremely important. The most important thing is to get really turned on, so do whatever it takes: romantic bath, candles, oils, lingerie. Additional stimulation enhances excitement, relaxes and makes it easier for a woman to switch off from pain and enjoy the process.