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7 best positions for anal sex that you won’t forget

7 best positions for anal sex that you won’t forget
Anal sex is something many couples enjoy doing but did you know that most people only have anal sex in the doggy style position? Luckily, there are lots of other anal sex positions you can try to spice up your anal sex and archive even better orgasms.

Try the piledriver position for submissive anal sex

If you and your partner love engaging in power exchange in anal sex, the piledriver is a great position to try because it allows the man to take complete control of the situation with the woman remaining fully submissive. In this position, the woman lies down on the bed and puts her feet behind her ears so that her ankles are right next to her head. The man then squats over her and starts thrusting in and out.

Rear entry - one of the easiest anal sex positions

If you don’t feel like performing anything too crazy tonight, try having anal sex in this position. The rear entry position is very simple - the woman simply lies down on the bed with her face facing downwards and the man lies down on top of her with his legs placed either outside or inside of hers. This is a very relaxing position for the woman but it can be a bit challenging if the man is much heavier or larger than the woman.

Turtle anal sex position - a fun alternative to doggy style

If you and your partner love anal sex positions where the woman can feel submissive to a dominant man, you’ll love the turtle position. The girl needs to have a bit of flexibility to do this position but otherwise, it’s easy to perform. To do this position both partners need to get into the doggy style sex position and then the girl needs to bend over, bring her chest close to her knees and put her hands around the back of her thighs.

High chair - the perfect position for anal sex in the kitchen

Did you know that you can easily have anal sex on a stool or a chair? The High Chair is a super fun position that’s perfect for anal sex. To do it, the girl should find a stool or a chair and sit down on it with her ass sticking out a bit. The guy should then shand, sit or kneel behind her and start thrusting in and out. To make this anal sex position even more comfortable, place a chair in front of a table or kitchen countertop so that the girl can use it to push herself back onto the guy’s penis.

Bodyguard - the ideal position for intimate anal sex

If you want to feel especially close and intimate with your partner, try the bodyguard position the next time you have sex. This position is also extremely easy to perform - the two partners simply stand next to each other facing in the same direction with the man standing behind the woman. In this position, you can alternate between sensual hugging and kissing and hardcore anal sex, which is especially easy to do if the woman is standing next to a wall - that was she can push herself away from the wall and onto the guy’s penis.