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Position 69

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No matter who you are, you have an opinion on the sex act 69. You might think it's hot  or you think that its weird.  Yes, you climb on top of another person so You're giving and receiving oral simultaneously, to understand if you like it or not, it worth trying at least once. So here there are some tips! How do you do standard 69? 69-ing entails performing oral sex on someone while they perform oral sex on you at the exact same time. both partners to enjoy the   oral sex at the same exact time.  Two people align themselves so that each person's mouth is near the other's genitals by having one person lie down on their back. The other lies on top of them with their knees straddling their partner's head. Experiment with who’s on top and who’s on bottom. Doing so will allow you each to explore each other’s genitals from a new angle, and discover  new hot spots. Whoever is on top is usually in control, and being on top will also allow you to control the movement, speed and pressure of the oral sex you're giving and receiving. Please comment below if you have ever tried this position! Protect your neck.  if your neck is in an uncomfortable position for a long while, it is possible to tweak a muscle, pinch a nerve. So if you’re on the bottom, protect your neck by supporting it with a pillow How can you modify the move if there is a height difference? trying sideways 69 (aka tilted 69), which puts both partners on their sides  solves the problem of different heights. . The taller partner can make a C-shape with their body . If one partner is larger bodied, they can be on the bottom For your hips If you’re on the bottom and your partner is having a hard time reaching your bits, put the pillow  beneath your hips. Doing so will change the angle of your hips, making it easier for your partner to reach your pleasurable spots.  There are also some products that can help you with bedroom acrobatics Some of the best positioning pillows for oral sex include the: Dame Pillom, Liberator Wedge Other positions include: Poses Flipped Spoons both partners are on their sides gives everyone a little more control over the intensity of what they're giving and receiving, Tongue T-Boner one partner to lie on their back on the bed with their head over the edge of the mattress, while the other partner stands on the floor above them, straddling their mouth. not, if he likes his balls being touched or not.learn from him and be on the top of this shit ! Your hands can help when your mouth needs some time to relax. The average penis is 5.17 inches (when hard).  Its hard to go deep every time so Let your hands help. Put the tip in your mouth and your hands around the base, stroke the base and play with the head with your tongue. A blow job isn't all about the mouth. In fact, adding hand moves introduces a different level or pressure and sensation . It's also a good go-to if deep-throating isn't your thing. Add in a vibrator. There are many small vibrators that can be used on the clitoris while the tongue stimulates vaginal opening or for the g spot while the tongue is stimulating the clitoris. Oral stilmation together with vibration is the fastest way to mind-blowing orgasms. You can consider wearable vibrators, like eggs, we vibe, or small vibes like bullets / finger vibrators. Explore other parts of their body. Not all guys their balls sucked or their butthole licked — but many do. If   partner is down to it,   gently massaging their scrotum, to licking all the way from the head of their penis, down the shaft, across the perineum (taint), and ending with a gentle insertion of your tongue into their anus.  The butthole features nearly 4,000 nerves, so it worth paying your attention. make noises. Being totally silent is not sexy. Popping up for air and saying something, or even just moaning a little, is great. Some moaning always spices up things. You can talk as much dirty as you want; there is no shame in that. While you talking dirty, you can also take a small break and relax your mouth. Add a lube. get some water and hydrate that mouth of yours and better to get a water based lube too.   For fun sex play, flavored lubes are perfect. They can be used for oral sex and you don't need to worry about removing the lube before penetration . it makes the sliding better and you will produce more saliva. Using flavored makes oral sex taste like a dessert.  Flavored lubricants manufactures come up with new tastes every year –from Caramel Salt to Capuccino. Bop in a butt plug. one or both partners can wear a butt plug, this way for guys in will provide a prostate stimulation that can lead to powerful prostate orgasm . for girls it can be a good way to experience multiple orgasms. Anal stimulation together with oral stimulation feels incredible.