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Pantyhose fetish

Pantyhose fetish

What is the pantyhose fetish?

The pantyhose fetish is a type of fetish where a person becomes sexually aroused when they wear pantyhose or see another person wearing pantyhose. A person with a pantyhose fetish also may enjoy watching others put on or take off pantyhose.

Pantyhose fetish in sex explained

Very often, a person who has a foot fetish also has other related fetishes. This, for instance, can include the foot fetish, shoe fetish or even schoolgirl or teacher fetishes. The pantyhose fetish is often bundled up with the stocking fetish, but these are two different fetishes and a person usually has a preference for one type of hosiery over the other. Even more specifically, a person with a pantyhose fetish often has strong preferences for a particular type, color and material of pantyhose.

Why do people have a pantyhose fetish?

There are different reasons why a person might develop a pantyhose fetish and they often lie in the experiences a person had in their childhood. However, many pantyhose fetishists state that they enjoy the fact that pantyhose are worn so close to the woman’s genitals. They also describe liking the fact that pantyhose make the wearer’s legs appear perfect by disguising all the imperfections and cellulite and creating the appearance of flawless legs.

Frequently asked questions about the pantyhose fetish

Is the tights fetish same as the pantyhose fetish?

Yes, these two terms are used to describe the same thing, as ‘tights’ is the word British people use instead of ‘pantyhose’.

When do people start experiencing the pantyhose fetish?

Most commonly, the pantyhose fetish first manifests itself in childhood and early adolescence. The fetish can become stronger as the person progresses through life and either has a chance to explore the fetish in their sex life or suppresses the fetish.

Is it okay to have a foot fetish?

If the pantyhose fetish doesn’t negatively interfere with the life of a pantyhose fetishist or his or her relationships with others, it is not considered to be dangerous or harmful sexual behavior. However, if the fetish does cause problems, working with a therapist can help get the fetish under control.