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Online dating red flags

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Dating apps are one of the easiest ways to meet people these days. Though swiping through countless profiles can be quick and effective, it can be tricky to tell what you're getting yourself into based on someone's profile. So here there are some red flags that signal you not to waste your time and say  “next” .
  • "I Just Moved Here" or here for the trip .When people move to a new place getting into a serious relationship is not the first priority. So don’t invest your time in it. The same as for ppl who are travelling, unless you don’t expect the second date, let it go
  • A Lot Of "Don'ts" In Their Profile If there are more comments about what they DON'T want rather than what they DO want, it might be someone who doesn’t see the next person as an individual. He is not buying a mattress. even if their dating experience was negative, its not an excuse.
  • A Party Animal . if you're looking to date someone seriously, you probably dont wanna date a party animal and look for him at the nightclubs when he doesn’t come home on time. Unless if you're a party animal yourself, then swipe away.
  • Profiles Without Any Text .They either are not looking for anything serious or they are just lazy, or they really have nothing to say about themselves. either reason is a red flag
  • Bathroom And Gym Selfies. If someone is trying to show off their body, it’s a sign that this person is either narcissist or looking only for sexual partner nothing more and northing less
  • No Smiling Pictures .On the dating app you try to make an impression of someone who is positive and easy-going, if they don’t have smiling pictures, they are probably not.
  • Long Narratives About "What's Wrong" With Society. The world is a mess; we get it. But dating app is not a place to complain about the world we live in. you don’t need more negativity in your life.
  • "No Need Not Apply" Whether they put "gold digger," "drama queen," or some other negative assumption about people in there, it’s a sign that the person is not over their past bad experience or blame anybody but not them for the failure of their relationships. .
  • Generic Opening Lines if it's generic enough that you feel like you're getting an opening linethat's been copy and pasted, meaning it's also been sent to dozens of others. So you can draw a conclusion that they are addicted to dating apps and not going to settle anytime soon
  • Keep things casual. Broadcasting this on dating app profile suggests that this person is looking only for sex. Unless you are on the app that Is dedicated to sex and hook ups only. if someone says they're "just looking to hang out" or "keep things casual," that's a good indication that... that's what all  they want.  Even though you might like them a lot, don’t  hope that you'll be the one to change [their] mind about the relationship.
  • Cropped And/Or Group Photos If the only pictures someone has of themself include other people, they could either be very insecure or recent out of a relationship (or maybe not yet out of a relationship at all! We all have friends; there's no need to showcase it in every photo on their profile, the profile is about the, after all .
  • Photos That Are *Too* Hot . If you see a profile of someone that looks like they could be a model, and not just an IG model, there's a good chance it's just fake. So better check it before you move forward
  • Not Enough Photos . Similar to not enough words in their profile, not enough photos is also a red flag. When someone only has a couple photos they could have stolen the pics from someone else
  • The phrase "good vibes only" "Good vibes only" means "I'm looking for someone who doesn't take themselves too seriously" and "no drama." It basically means you are not allowed to have any negative emotions ever. A person with this in their bio likely isn't ready for mature commitment and looking only for fun.
  • Making a love of non-original food and drink your entire personality A bio that states a love of tacos, pizza, sushi, or coffee? Who doesn't love those things? But what ot has to do with what kind of person you are? Is it the biggest achievement to love pizza ? if you are not 13 yo its not an acceptable introduction
  • Stating facts like "I have a house" or "I have a car" .If that’s thr only thing your date can impress with, maybe its not a good fit for you. He is obviously looking for someone focused solely on material side.
  • People who try to get you follow them on social media .If you have something like "Add me on Snapchat" or "DM me on Insta, I don't check this" in your bio, it's gonna be a left swipe. Yes, social media has become an essential part of our lives, but find another way to gain followers!
  • Overusing emoji and/or making typos Using an emoji or two throughout your bio can be fun, just don't go emoji overboard. Also, if you're old enough to use a dating app you should be able to ensure your bio is typo-free. Come on, people.
  • When working out seems like a sole personality trait Making time for exercise and living a healthy lifestyle are both positives, but if someone doesn't appear to have a personality outside of going to the gym, that's a red flag.
  • 6’1’ because apparently that matters” Anyone who says their height “because apparently that matters” has confidence issues. It’s just a fact.
  • If they respond with one-word answers. You cannot simply be responsible for carrying an entire conversation. if you can’t put in a little bit of effort to keep up the conversation with me, I can only assume you would do the same throughout the relationship.
  • If they say they’re “apolitical” .No one is “apolitical” when politics affects the daily lives of everyone in the country. SO for me its either an indicator that they are not educated enough to make political choices or their political choices are radical and they tend to hide it
  • Their first message calls you babe, sexy, beautiful, etc. First is they have no idea how you feel about being called those little pet names. it sets the wrong tone and the biggest, problem is that they don’t use your name which means they call it every other match
  • Lies about the age. Men lie about their age so they show up in younger women's searches, then start their bios with, 'I'm actually 45, not 35. If he lies about that, he is probably gonna lie about other things too