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Non-owner car insurance - all you need to know

Non-owner car insurance - all you need to know

Who needs non owner car insurance?

You don’t necessarily need to have a car to get car insurance. There is a special type of car insurance for individuals who drive cars quite often but who don’t own those cars. The non-owner car insurance can cover the expenses for injuries and car damage in the case of an accident in a borrowed car. If you are one of those people who drive rented cars a lot or need to drive a company car as a work duty, you should consider getting extra coverage just in case. You never know what can happen, thus, it might be wise to be sure you have adequate insurance.

How much does non-owner car insurance cost?

Usually, the cost of a non-owners car insurance policy is about $400-500, however, this may vary depending on your car type, its cost, and your non-owner car insurance provider. In the USA you can choose among Geico, State Farm, Nationwide and the General, which are available nationwide. Ask each provider about their non-owner car insurance policies, find out the cost and how much they cover - you need to know all the details before you can make your choice. This information is typically not provided online, so you will have to make a call or visit an insurance agent’s office.

Can you get car insurance without a car?

If you are not a car owner, you are not legally required to have insurance, however, in some cases, it might be wise to have some sort of coverage like non-owner car insurance (can you have car insurance without a car? - yes!). This is the list of cases when you should think about getting non-owner car insurance.  
  • If you travel a lot and like to use rental cars in your travels or you just enjoy renting cars in general. This might be the case for you to consider purchasing non-owner car insurance. You should think about getting rental car insurance too.
  • If you drive someone’s car very often or on a regular basis, a non-owner car insurance is just right for you. Do you work as a chauffeur? Employed driver? Get the non-owner car insurance. If, however, you are regularly driving your family member’s car, you should just be listed on their insurance policy instead of purchasing a separate non-owner insurance.
  • Have you ever heard of Car2Go, Zipcar, or Maven? Are you a fan of those car-sharing services? Get non-owner car insurance. As a member of the club, you are getting some damage covered, however, you might want to think about some extra coverage.
  • If you are not planning to buy a car in the nearest future and using someone else’s cars on a general basis, you should get yourself some form of coverage and safety by purchasing non-owner car insurance. You don’t want to end up with huge bills in case something happens.
  • Non-owner car insurance can be a court requirement. If you have committed some serious traffic violations you might be required by a court to get non-owner SR-22 insurance.
Non-owner car insurance usually only provides minimum coverage, like body injuries, property damage, etc. However, it might be a wise decision to have a form of coverage in case something happens.