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Mutual masturbation for couples - is it worth it?

Mutual masturbation for couples - is it worth it?
Many people really enjoy mutual masturbation in their teenage years before couples are ready to have sex but then quickly forget about it once sex is on the table. If you and your partner never try mutual masturbation in bed anymore, you might be missing out big time!

What is mutual couple masturbation?

You probably already know what masturbation is - it’s the act of stimulating yourself sexually by touching your genitals or erogenous zones or using toys. Well, mutual masturbation is essentially the same thing except it’s done in a couple. Mutual couple masturbation can take many forms, for instance, one partner can masturbate in front of another, the two partners can pleasure themselves or each other, etc.

Why should you try sexy mutual masturbation for couples?

Even though mutual masturbation might seem like something only suitable for teenagers, it actually has lots of benefits that people of any age can take advantage of. First of all, mutual masturbation can help improve your sex and foreplay because when you take time to see how your partner pleasures himself or herself and learn what masturbation techniques work for them, you can utilize this knowledge better when having sex or preparing with foreplay and give them a lot more pleasure in bed than before. Another advantage of mutual masturbation is that it’s a powerful tool for receiving stress and bringing you and your partner closer together. Let’s face it, sometimes you just don’t feel like having sex because you’re too tired or stressed. In this scenario, mutual masturbation can help get your mind off things and make you feel less stressed while giving lots of precious moments of intimacy with your partner. Finally, mutual masturbation is a great tool for couples who can’t have sex for some reason. It gives you an outlet for your built-up sexual tension, keeps you safe from STDs and unwanted pregnancy and helps you feel connected intimately even without penetrative sex.

How to masturbate?

If you feel like your masturbation skills can use some help, check out our articles on how to jerk off your man, how to finger a girl and how to masturbate to learn tons of new masturbation tricks.

Frequently asked questions about mutual masturbation

Is mutual masturbation the same as foreplay?

Not exactly, foreplay is the appetizer before the main dish, which is usually sex, while mutual masturbation is already the main curse, although it can be followed up by sex if you want.

Is mutual masturbation safe?

Mutual masturbation is much safer than oral, anal or vaginal sex but it still doesn’t provide 100% protection from STIs, as some of them can be transmitted through cuts and abrasions in the skin.

Should I use toys for mutual masturbation?

Sure, sex toys are great tools that can be used to give you or your partner even more pleasure during mutual masturbation. You should also keep lube on hand to keep things smooth and slick.