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Missionary sex position

Missionary sex position
The missionary position in sex is one of the most widely used positions but even if you’ve tried it before, there still may be a few things left to learn about it.

How to do the missionary position?

The classic missionary position is very easy to do for both the man and the woman, plus, it provides a huge amount of opportunity to connect with your partner and feel even more intimate as you’re making love. In the basic missionary position, the woman lies flat on her back and spreads her legs. The man gets on top of the woman with his legs between hers, positioning his weight on his elbows, knees, thighs and even on you, although this can get uncomfortable at times, especially if your man is on the heavier side, so make sure to let him know if it gets unpleasant. A huge advantage of the missionary position is that your guy can stimulate your A-spot in this position and even give you a cervical orgasm if you enjoy this type of stimulation. However, keep in mind that this will only be possible if your partner’s penis is long enough to reach those spots.

What does the guy do in the missionary position?

As mentioned above, the missionary position is very straightforward and doesn’t require any special skills. All the man has to do is get into the position and thrust his penis in and out of the girl. If your girlfriend enjoys clitoral stimulation, you can also try grinding on top of her as you’re thrusting in and out. This will make your pelvic bone apply pressure to her clitoris, which can feel incredible for a woman and help her reach an orgasm.

What does the girl do in the missionary sex position?

Many women think that they don’t have a lot of control in the missionary position, but this is not true. You can still control penetration depth and the amount of clitoris stimulation you’re receiving while doing this sex position. For instance, you can increase penetration depth by placing your arms underneath his, grabbing his back and pulling yourself up a little. You can also raise your legs and keep them in the air or wrap them around your man’s waist and back to achieve deeper penetration. Alternatively, place a pillow under your hips and lower back to increase penetration depth without the need to raise your legs. If you’re craving additional stimulation to your clit, lift your hips up a little to meet his pubic bone and grind against it as he thrusts in and out.

Missionary position variations

You can easily spice up the traditional missionary position if it gets a little dull. For instance, if you and your partner are into roleplaying and BDSM, you can add a kinky twist to the traditional missionary position by pinning your girlfriend’s arms above her head and enjoying some playful dominance over her. Alternatively, you can try choking her with one or both of your hands but make sure to use a safe word or gesture in both of these scenarios. The missionary position is also perfect for dirty talking to each other, as you can whisper things straight into your partner’s ear, making it super hot.