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Mardi Gras sex party

Mardi Gras sex party
Mardi Gras is a legendary event and a dream event for virtually every male college student. But before you get excited about all the alcohol, sex and boobs, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to have a fantastic Mardi Gras experience.

Avoid drinking too much alcohol at Mardi Gras

If your main goal at Mardi Gras is to have fun and get laid, you should stay away from alcohol as much as possible. First of all, if you get too drunk, it will be difficult to find someone to have sex with, to actually perform well if you do find a consenting partner, make the right decisions when it comes to using protection from unwanted pregnancy and STDs and even letting people take pictures of your naked body. It can also be difficult to get around the city if you’re drunk, as the city gets terribly crowded during Mardi Gras.

Don’t be too hopeful about getting laid

Most guys who attend Mardi Gras do so with the expectation of getting some action during the crazy night of partying. But at the same time, a lot of women go to Mardi Gras without planning to have sex or engage in sex acts with strangers, which means that there aren’t enough willing girls for all the guys. This means that you can try to get laid, but don’t let your expectations get too high and enjoy other parts of the event.

Strippers and hookers at Mardi Gras

This may be surprising, but you won’t likely find many prostitutes working at Mardi Gras. This is because most people come to the event expecting free sex, so both male and female hookers choose to stay home on Mardi Gras. At the same time, strippers work extra-long shifts during the event, so when you do decide to get a late-night lap dance, you may find that the girl or guy who is providing the service doesn’t look that into it because they are exhausted from all the previous customers.

Stay safe at Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras should be all about having fun but there are still lots of dangers you should be aware of. First of all, people will be taking pictures and videos all night long, so if you don’t want your breasts ending up on PornHub, don’t flash anyone in public if you’re a female. At the same time, whether you’re planning on having sex or not, bring lots of protection. You should also keep the amount of alcohol you consume to a minimum and always keep an eye on your drink and your possessions - it’s not uncommon for people to get drugged, robbed or else. Finally, as surprising as this might be, most of Mardi Gras is a family-friendly event, so you should keep all non-family-friendly activities to the Quarter, as you can get arrested for public intoxication, flashing, etc. in other parts of the city.