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Is male anal orgasm possible?

Is male anal orgasm possible?
It’s no secret that male anal penetration and prostate stimulation is a hotly debated and divisive topic. It’s hard to find people who are indifferent about the matter - most people are either 100% for anal stimulation or are violently opposed to it. In this article, we will discuss anal orgasms, whether they are real and how you can maximize your chance of cumming from anal stimulation.

Why does anal sex feel good for men?

Male anal stimulation is often incredibly pleasurable and can lead to intense orgasms because of the prostate - a male gland that’s located about three inches into the rectum. The prostate plays two roles in a man’s body - first of all, it creates some of the fluid that makes up semen. The prostate fills up with fluid as the man gets aroused and just before the man achieves an orgasm, the prostate contracts, squeezing the fluid out into the urethra. This contraction feels very pleasurable, which is the second function of the prostate, as it’s a part of the pleasure response in a man’s body. This pleasurable feeling that a guy experiences just before ejaculation can be recreated and prolonged with prostate massage.

Is prostate massage good for you?

Even though there’s a lot of information on the benefits of having regular sex and regular orgasms, there’s not a lot of scientific data about prostate massage. However, some studies suggest that regular prostate massage can help men get better erections and even cause a man’s penis to become erect with no other stimulation. At the same time, prostate massage can increase blood flow to the prostate, relieve tension and even prevent some prostate-related diseases, including prostate cancer. Prostate massage can also help clear up any blockages in the prostate gland and help fight bacterial prostatitis, which is a disease caused by biofilm that resists antibiotic therapy.

Can you cum from your ass?

Yes, as many men who enjoy prostate stimulation can tell you, it is definitely possible to have an anal orgasm. In fact, studies have shown that the impulse from the prostate goes to the same part of the brain as impulses from the genitals. Therefore, the basic cause and mechanism of male anal orgasm are the same as those of genital orgasms.

Frequently asked questions about prostate massage

How to do prostate massage?

There are a lot of methods of prostate massage, for instance, it can be done by hand with varying rubbing, stroking and pressing motions. However, it’s best to purchase a prostate massager from a sex shop to make the most from the experience, as this way your or your partner’s hands won’t get tired and you can prolong the massage session.

Is prostate massage safe?

Yes, when done properly, prostate stimulation is completely safe and can even be beneficial for the man.

Does liking anal play make me gay?

Absolutely not! Whether or not you like anal stimulation has nothing to do with your orientation - only being sexually attracted to the same gender makes a person gay.