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How to make your man hard quickly?

How to make your man hard quickly?
Seeing and feeling your man get a rock-hard boner is a major turn-on for many women. For some guys, looking at a woman is all it takes to get an erection, others need a bit more to get a boner. Lucky for you, this guide has 5 fail-proof tips that you can use to get your man hard in mere minutes.

Tell your guy how much he turns you on to get him hard

Most men, in fact, most people have egos. We love to feel attractive, sexy and appealing. This is why telling your man how sexy you find him and how much he turns you on is the easiest way to get him hard and horny for you! So how can you let your man know that he turns you on? Simple - you can try sending him a sexy or dirty text message while he’s off at work or dirty talking to him in person to tell him what an attractive man he is and how much you’d like to have sex with him right now.

Use foreplay to give your boyfriend a boner

If you’re getting tired or dirty talking with your man and are ready to move to foreplay, you can start kissing him on the lips and neck, gently biting his ear and running your hands all over his body as you kiss him more and more passionately. Then, make a smooth transition to a blowjob by touching his legs as you dirty talk to him or kiss him. Then, move on to rubbing the inside of his thigh with your hand, moving slowly towards his crotch. Spend the next minute or two massaging his crotch over his jeans, then unbutton them and move on to touching him under the jeans but over his underwear. Most guys will already be getting rock-hard at this point. Then, take his underwear off and start giving your man a handjob or a blowjob.

Jerk your guy off to give him an erection

Whether your boyfriend is already hard by this point or not, you can just grab his dick and start jerking off his dick while continuing dirty talking to him and kissing him. If he still doesn’t get hard, take his dick into your mouth and start giving your man a blowjob for even more stimulation - in most cases, you’ll soon start to feel him get bigger in your mouth.

Don’t make your guy feel pressured to perform

One of the easiest ways to turn any guy off and make him feel insecure is to pressure him to perform in bed. The easiest way to prevent this from happening is to not expect him to get hard. Just try to have fun with your man and ensure that both of you are enjoying the experience whether he gets hard or not. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should act normal if he doesn’t get an erection. Don’t start asking him about it, giving advice or even making jokes. Try not to change your body language. Virtually every guy on the planet has had trouble getting hard at least once in his life and it’s completely normal. Not making a big deal out of it the easiest way to make sure that next time your guy can get hard with no problems.