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How to make your man cum hard?

How to make your man cum hard?
If you want to be an amazing lover for your man, one of the things you absolutely need to know is how to make him cum hard and fast. After all, nothing makes you feel more like an accomplished lover than your man’s moans as he experiences an incredible orgasm that you gave him. Here is what you should do to make your man cum hard:

Show him your enthusiasm to make your man cum

Whenever you’re in bed with your man, it’s crucial to remember that you need to please not only him but also his ego. To do this, you need to be fully involved in every minute of sex and take every opportunity to should your guy how hot you find him and how turned on you are by him. If you just lie on the bed looking bored and doing nothing as he has sex with you, you won’t do much for his self-esteem or his orgasm.

Learn what makes him tick and use it to make him cum fast

All of us have sexual fantasies, some of these fantasies are pretty normal and we reveal them to our partners very easily but others might seem a little weirder, so we keep them secret. At the same time, adding something that’s a huge turn-on for your guy to your sex can make him cum incredibly hard, so try to talk to him and find out if there’s something that he’d really like to do but has been keeping a secret.

Build up the tension to make your man cum really hard

Sometimes you want to fuck your partner right there and now without much foreplay and it can be really fun. But building your man up for a long time and testing him without getting him over the edge can also be extremely pleasurable for both of you and lead to a truly explosive orgasm for him. A great way to start building him up is to send him dirty text messages for a few hours before you get a chance to be alone. Once you are finally together, he’ll want to start having sex right away, but you should stop him and proceed with a long makeout session followed by a slow and sensual handjob and blowjob. Once you finally let your man cum, he’ll explode with pleasure. Another way to do this is to practice edging or orgasm denial. This involves bringing your man very close to having an orgasm but then stopping and letting him cool off before you start building him up again. You can retreat this as many times as he can handle before letting him cum.

Try stimulating your man’s prostate for a powerful orgasm

Many men feel apprehensive about prostate stimulation because they don’t like the thought of being penetrated in the anus. If your man is against anal play, you can still stimulate his prostate through his perineum, which is located between his scrotum and anus. Prostate stimulation can give your man his most powerful orgasm yet and he may even be able to experience several orgasms in a row!