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Everything you need to know about the lotus sex position

Everything you need to know about the lotus sex position
Is cowgirl one of your favorite sex positions but you’re looking for ways to change things up? If so, the Lotus sex position can quickly become your new all-time favorite, as it takes everything that makes the cowgirl position so great and takes it to another level.

Lotus position in bed - what is it?

People have been practicing the Lotus sex position for over 2 millennia, showing you that this orgasmic position has really stood the test of time. The position is named this way because the shape of a couple’s legs resembles a lotus flower. To perform the lotus sex position, the man sits down on a bed with his legs crossed while the woman sits on his thighs, wrapping her legs around the man’s waist. The woman can then start grinding and rocking on the man’s penis - notice that in this specific position it’s virtually impossible to perform thrusting motions.

Why do couples love the lotus flower sex position?

The main reason why couples choose to have sex in the lotus position is that it is arguably the best position for intimate, sensual sex since the two partners are so close together. This gives you and your partner an unlimited potential for closeness - you can kiss, hug, stroke, rub, lick and do virtually anything else to increase each other’s pleasure. Another advantage of this position is that the woman can enjoy strong clitoral stimulation in this position, so it’s easier for her to orgasm. Lastly, you can vary this position a lot according to your preferences to get the most pleasure out of it.

Frequently asked questions about the lotus position in sex

How can you change up the lotus sex position?

If you’re looking for ways to change things up, try performing the lotus flower position on a chair, using it for anal sex or incorporating bondage into sex in this position.

Are there any downsides to the lotus position?

The lotus position is not a great choice if you and your partner like deep thrusting or if the man is not very flexible.

How to make a woman cum in the lotus position?

To increase the chances of getting an orgasm in the lotus position, a woman can arch her back, pressing her clit against the man. Additionally, either one of the partners can stimulate the woman’s clit with their fingers or a vibrator.