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A simple guide to the lingam massage technique

A simple guide to the lingam massage technique
Do you want to give your man as much pleasure as possible in sex but all of your regular handjob, blowjob and sex techniques seem pretty dull at the moment? If so, trying the lingam massage on him might be a great way to spice things up and take him to the next level of pleasure.

What is lingam massage?

The word ‘lingam’ literally translates to the ‘wand of light’, which literally means ‘penis’. A lingam massage is a technique that allows you to pleasure your man with your hands without giving him a traditional handjob. Instead, a lingam massage can bring him a whole array of sensations and help him relax and get some pressure off.

How to get ready for a penis massage?

You shouldn’t attempt to give your man a lingam massage spontaneously. Instead, turn it into an experience by putting on some relaxing music, dimming the lights in the room, lighting a few candles and even burning some incense. It can also help to make sure that there are no unwanted noise disturbances and that the temperature in the room is comfortable enough for you both to be naked for some time. Finally, choose a massage oil, lube or cream that you’ll use for a massage. The choices are endless but you should avoid using an oil-based product if you plan on using a condom shortly after the lingam massage.

How to give a lingam massage?

Start by having your man lie down on the bed and sitting down either next to him or in between his widely spread legs and facing him. Next, pour some massage product into your hands, let it warm up and apply it to his penis along the entire shaft. Finally, begin the lingam massage. There are lots of techniques to try, for instance, you can try holding your man’s dick with both hands, placing your fingers on the upper part of his penis, while the thumbs are on the underside of it. Then start slowly moving your hands from the base of his dick all the way to the head with one hand completing the entire motion and then repeating the entire motion with the other hand immediately. You can also try gently massaging and rubbing his frenulum together with the head of the penis with your fingers. Another lingam massage technique involves holding your partner’s penis with one hand and then using your other hand to stroke his penis in a motion similar to the way you move your hands when skiing. You can also try massaging your man’s perineum, also called the Sacred Spot, which is located between a man’s balls and anus - this will allow you to stimulate his prostate without penetrating his anus. Finally, the last technique is called the prayer technique. You can start by interlocking your fingers together like if you were about to pray, then place his penis between your fingers with the thumbs gently pressing against the underside of his dick. Finally, start sliding your hands up and down on his shaft, varying the amount of pressure you’re applying by changing the position of your thumbs slightly.