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Legs on shoulders sex position

Legs on shoulders sex position

What is the Legs Up sex position?

The Legs Up or Legs Over Shoulders sex position is incredibly fun and very easy to perform. To do this position, the woman lies down on the bed flat on her back and puts her legs up in the air at a right angle. The man then kneels in front of the woman’s hips with his torso perpendicular to the bed. The woman then rests both of her legs side by side on one of the guy’s shoulders. The guy can then put one of his arms around the girl’s ankles and lower leg as if he were playing the cello and his other hand goes on the woman’s stomach or her legs as well.

What is the woman’s role in the Legs on Shoulders position in sex?

The Legs Up position is very easy for the woman to do because she doesn’t need to do any work - she can just lie back and relax as her man fucks her. Since the girl’s hands are free in this position, she can use them to play with her breasts, nipples or clit for additional stimulation.

What is the man’s role in the Legs Over Shoulders sex position?

If you’re a guy performing the Legs Up sex position, you need to be prepared to do all the work and have all the control. Since the guy in this position holds the woman’s legs, he can use them to pull the woman into him with every thrust for deeper penetration. He can also change the position of his body by leaning backward or forwards, which will result in a change to the angle of penetration. This will allow you to put more pressure on your partner’s G spot, the back wall of her vagina, etc.

Legs Over Shoulders sex tips and tricks

Legs on Shoulders is an incredible position that you and your partner will love if you prefer positions where the woman can be submissive, giving up all power to the man who can then fuck her as fast or hard as he wants. This position also works very well if the guy has a small penis or the woman really enjoys the feeling of being filled or even stretched. Since her legs are very close together, it makes the guy’s dick feel larger and her vagina feel tighter. If you want to have more G spot stimulation in this position, the man needs to lean back away from the woman. If you enjoy the Legs Up position in sex but want to change it up, there are lots of similar positions for you to try, including the Criss Cross, where the woman crosses her legs instead of placing them side by side on the man’s shoulders, Praying Mantis, which is a bit more relaxed, or Down Stroke, which requires a lot more physical fitness than Legs Up.