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Is it legal to have sex in public?

Is it legal to have sex in public?
Having sex in public is a universal taboo and at the same time, one of the most common sexual fantasies people have. If you’re thinking about making your fantasy come to life, you first need to find out if you can get in trouble with the law for it, which is why we at KissKiss have prepared this article for you.

Is public sex illegal?

The answer to this question depends on where you live and where you’re planning to have public sex. In most places around the world, public sex is illegal and you risk breaking several laws by engaging in sexual behavior in public. Therefore, if you want to be completely safe and have no chance of getting in trouble with the police, simply stay at home and try to spice up your sex life indoors.

What if I want to have sex in public anyway?

Even though we strongly advise you against breaking the law by having sex in public, if you are willing to risk it, make sure that there’s absolutely no chance for anyone to see you. In most cases, it’s not a crime to have sex in public if you don’t get caught doing it.

What laws will I be breaking by having sex in public?

While having sex in public is typically not a crime itself, there are several laws you can be breaking if you get caught doing it. If you get arrested and charged for these crimes, you might have to pay a fine or even spend a little bit of time in prison.   One of the charges you might be facing is indecent exposure, which is the act of showing you genitals in public. Another charge you might have to deal with is lewd acts. Lewd acts includes any sex acts that are committed in public but the specific definition will depend on the state you live in. Since this term is generally defined very broadly, it’s very difficult to fight this charge.

Frequently asked questions about sex in a public place

What is public sex?

Public sex is considered to be any sexual activity that happens not in private.

Is it normal if I want to have sex in public?

Humans have an inherent desire to break rules and at the same time, the feeling of danger can act as a huge turn-on for a lot of us. Generally, the desire to want to have sex in public is not considered to be a cause for concern, as long as you don’t do anything illegal or non-consensual.

Is having sex in a car legal?

Having sex in a car is completely illegal in some states, as it’s considered to be sex in public, but in a number of states, it’s not illegal if nobody sees you doing it since your car is not considered to be a public place.