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Interactive masturbator Sam Neo

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Today we review of hot and  new product from Svakom-Sam Neo, interactive  masturbator with APP and suction, which in my opinion is one of the best masurbators on the market. For most men blow jobs are  the best way to get off, because they let you totally focus on your own pleasure.  What could be better than a blowjob on demand? That’s exactly what this toy is about! Besides suction, toy also can be connected to the app Feelconnect 3 . 3 main functions are introduced: Long-distance control meaning partners can play with each other even when they are in defferent countries , connecting  to 2D interactive videos meaning you can feel the same sensations that you see in a porn video and also webcam interactive feature for people working in webcam business   This is an amazing toy for people with penises  in both function and design. There are 5 vibration modes and suction. I like how there's so many combination of vibration and suction that it allows. The suction is not too intense it wont hurt or bruise and it a way less intense than vacuum pumps. For most men blow jobs are  the best way to get off, because they let you totally focus on your own pleasure. Most time when you're masturbating, even with other types of toys, you're always having to do all the work but not with this toy, its here to  satisfy you ! The grip on the exterior of the device is fantastic. No slip. This means that you can securely hold it, with either hand, and not have to worry about it slipping out. You can also use it hands free if you are comfortably sitting. I really like the fact that its not heavy and easy to operate.  The suction feature is here for you to recreate the sensation from blow job. The suction is the best part for me personally. My testers have N-E-V-E-R felt a more realistic experience from a hand held device! It has a small opening at the base of it and you might think it might be too small, but the material it's made from is very giving. It makes an airtight seal which creates a suction power. Pair that with it's vibration strength and you've got a power house combo. Aside from the amazing suction, the inside of the toy feels incredible. It has so many different shaped bumps and ridges that you can experience new sensations each time you use it. The vibration options are pretty awesome as well. Very strong and a lot of variety, 5 modes .  Another big advantage  its quite, but super intense on some modes and from guys who I tested on they all mentioned the perfect intensity level. Technology is in every part of our life. Sam Neo APP has many functions that are unique for Svakom brand, so lets take a closer look on the app. Feel Connect 3 App is available on google play and app store. First of all, you can connect toy to the app on your phone and regulate the modes and intensities on your phone without pushing buttons on the toy, in this case toy plays a role of remote control. And of course for couples in long distance relationships the APP function has a lot to offer. You can give control of your toy to your partner even if they are in another country, but they have to be registered in the app. If both partners have toys from connexion series, they can sync their toys and feel the same frequencies on the long distance.   You can also  sync this toy with the porn video and enjoy a completely different porn experience. There is a special category interactive videos on major porn platforms, meaning you can sync the toy to the video and feel pretty much the same things you see on the video, meaning the vibration starts when there is a penetration or bj. That’s a new level of porn watching for sure! Toy  has solutions specially designed for webcam models. Webcam business is skytorcketing .This feature  allows performers to sync their sex toys to camming sites that integrate with their camming site partners. Once synced, the toys will interact with the tipping functionality of the camming site, allowing models to offer “Tip To Vibe” shows. If you are in webcam business, this toy can really help to increase your profit and tips!   Overall, this toy worth every penne, its an amazing masturbator with user friendly APP that can bring you to another level of solo pleasure!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vx4wPfx1Xkw